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STUVA series
STUVA series
Furniture that’s durable enough to grow with your child
From the subtle things like optional legs, to more fundamental changes like sealing the edges and the back, the humidity-resistant STUVA children’s furniture range is built to last in our tropical weather. All of our children's storage, wardrobes and bookcases have been modified to live up to the everyday demands of life at home in Asia-Pacific. Just another reason to visit IKEA today.
STUVA series
STUVA Children's storage
Fun-filled furniture that grows with your child
The secret behind STUVA is that it's built at the right height for children, which makes it easier for them not only when they need to get dressed, but when they want to play. Less time spent searching for toys means more time spent having fun!

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The mini-me wardrobe
Have a place to store all of your baby’s cute clothes. Prop them up on a rail, and fold them on a hanging organiser. Socks and small accessories tend to go missing too, so boxes and dividers can keep them from disappearing.
IKEA Home furnishings STUVA wardrobe, white
For little socks, diapers and more
STUVA is where the magic (of baby storage) happens. Use inserts in the smaller drawers to make sure small socks and hats don’t get lost. Reserve the deeper drawers for bulkier items.
IKEA Home furnishings STUVA/FRITIDS Cot with drawers
Behind-the-scenes storage
Make use of the storage space under your cot by keeping storybooks and soft toys close at hand. When it's time for bed, your script and furry actors are ready to perform.
IKEA Home furnishings STUVA/FRITIDS Cot with drawers

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