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IKEA Soft Toys

Characters with personality

Meet the SAGOSKATT collection 2018. The cuddly collection consists of a pink unicorn living in the clouds, a rainbow coloured shark travelling the seas, a mischievous blue monster called Monster, a hedgehog-, dinosaur- and monster hybrid with a passion for tropical fruit and a dotted seal who loves to play with his best friends, fish.

Come join the soft toy drawing competition
All kids between 0–12 are welcome to join the soft toy drawing competition where five lucky winners will have their drawings become reality and sold in IKEA stores all over the world.
The gang from SAGOSKATT getting their pens ready to join the soft toy drawing competition 2018.
Let’s play! Look out for these colourful graphics from the IKEA Let’s Play for Change campaign.
Let’s play.
It’s vital for all of us.
At IKEA, we know that play helps us connect, create, recharge, escape and explore.
SAGOSKATT - a limited edition collection
Introducing SAGOSKATT – a limited-edition collection designed by kids to support children’s rights to play and develop. Join this year’s soft toy drawing competition here and your child’s amazing drawing may just be turned into a real cuddly toy sold in IKEA stores worldwide next year!
The cuddly soft toys from the SAGOSKATT collection hanging at the beach.

Because sometimes
your ideas are bigger
than your car

Because sometimes
you just need
more time

We can support
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