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Lockdown driving you up the wall? From inspiring interiors to deliciously different dinners, the #IKEASOP playbook has everything you need to fall in love with your home again.

Stay tuned for more SOPs to be released soon.

SOP #151 Do The Right Thing

When the price of transforming your home with #IKEASOP is less than the price of violating an MCO SOP. Make your RM1,500 count.

SOP #7 Don't Rilek One Corner. Upgrade That Corner

Upgrade that corner so you can play hard after a day of hard work at home.

Work and play corner

Looking for more wins with the best gaming corner or generating better ideas with the perfect work corner? We have them both here! Even better now, get the corner delivered to you with 50% off truck delivery.

Art and Beauty corner

It might be the same desk, but make it your own vibe depending on which corner you put at.