SKVALLRA Desk pad, white/transparent, 38x58 cm
SKVALLRA Desk pad, white/transparent, 38x58 cm
SKVALLRA Desk pad, white/transparent, 38x58 cm

When creativity flows, sometimes there isn’t enough room on the paper. Then it's good to have a desk pad that protects the table top so that artists of all ages can create freely.

Article number103.949.35

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Protects your desk from stains and marks. Designer

IKEA of Sweden

Article number103.949.35
  • Polyethylene plastic, EVA plastic
  • By using a renewable material like sugar cane in this product, we avoid using fossil or finite materials.
  • SKVALLRADesk padArticle no103.949.35
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38 cm
58 cm
SKVALLRA Desk pad, white/transparent, 38x58 cm

Renewable sugarcane turned into a desk pad

How to turn sugarcane into desk pads Did you know that material from the sugar industry can be used to make plastic? When we developed SKVALLRA desk pad, we made it mainly of this renewable material. It’s better for the environment than plastic made of fossil oil or gas.

When we designed SKVALLRA, we first thought we’d make a product that fits better with the sizes of desks people use today. But, since we want to minimise the use of fossil sources, and use as much recycled and or renewable material as possible, Jakub Brat, one of our engineers, asked; how can we solve this with a material that’s better for the future? Plastic made of sugarcane proved to be one way.

A durable material mix to meet everyday use

The sugarcane plastic consists of sugarcane that is of too low quality to become food. It can be used to make biofuel for cars – or long-lasting desk pads for homes and offices. SKVALLRA consists of 75% of this material and 25% traditional plastic. Jakub explains why a mix is needed. “It has to do with durability and quality. The product must be able to stand tough use in people’s homes. In the case of this desk pad, that means everything from scrapbook-sessions with sticky glue and sharp tools to babies chewing on it.

The future looks bright

“The fact that SKVALLRA is made of renewable and recyclable materials that work just as fine as oil-based, feels great! There’s a lot of research going on about better materials that we will be able to take advantage of in the future,” says Jakub. “It’s really about making sure that sustainability isn’t a luxury, but something for the many.”

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Desk pad, white/transparent38x58 cm

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SKVALLRA Desk pad, white/transparent, 38x58 cm


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