PEKANNÖT Plant pot, rattan, 24 cm
PEKANNÖT Plant pot, rattan, 24 cm
PEKANNÖT Plant pot, rattan, 24 cm
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A plastic inner pot makes the plant pot waterproof.To protect the surface from any risk of moisture damage, always use a plant mover or put felt pads under the plant pot or saucer.Designer

Béatrice Durandard

  • Peeled rattan, Polypropylene plastic, Tinted clear acrylic lacquer
  • By using a renewable material like rattan in this product, we avoid using fossil or finite materials.
  • PEKANNÖTPlant potArticle no:401.866.28
    Length: 36 cmWeight: 1.69 kgDiameter: 39 cmPackage(s): 1

Product size

35 cm
Outside diameter: 
34 cm
Max. diameter flowerpot: 
24 cm
Inside diameter: 
30 cm


What is rattan?

Rattan is a climbing plant belonging to the palm tree family. It grows as a vine on tree trunks, its fast-growing tendrils easily reaching 20, and sometimes more than 100, metres long. They can be harvested without harming the host trees and grow back quickly once harvested. We use this lightweight, flexible and durable material in products like armchairs, rocking chairs, side tables, outdoor furniture and for handmade baskets.

Plant pot, rattan24 cm

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PEKANNÖT Plant pot, rattan, 24 cm


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