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The store for children who don’t like to shop

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Play areas where you need them most

You can play in Småland, a supervised play area near the entrance. And we’ve put fun and games wherever your parents get really boring (like when they’re planning a closet or a kitchen).
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IKEA loves families

Wide family parking spots. A baby care area. Microwaves. Shopping strollers. Play areas. (Let us know if there’s anything else you need.)
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What’s on the menu?

Playing is hard work. Delicious child-size meals in the restaurant will get you back to play in no time.
Children's services
Children's services
We provide an array of services to ensure that the kids have an imaginative and fun-filled shopping experience.
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It all started in Småland
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Find out how a simple business idea turned into a worldwide organization.
Our roots
We have services for adults, too
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Assembly, delivery, exchanges, financial help and more.
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