It's only an opportunity if you act on it
How far will that hard-earned piece of paper take you? With opportunities worldwide in product development, IT, distribution, sales, purchasing and much more, you can shape the IKEA career you want stage by stage in the way that works best for you. You’ll gain experience working with professionals from a wide range of fields. And you’ll work with challenging and varied assignments in an environment where your ideas will be heard.
IKEA is a home furnishing company that offers well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible can afford them. You’ll be part of a global family of colleagues that shares an uncommon corporate value - to create a better everyday life for the many people.
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Come and meet us
During each university term we visit a number of universities and colleges, to give you an opportunity to meet representatives from IKEA and ask us any questions you may have. This year we will visit the following job fairs in Sweden:
IKEA co-workers

  • • Gothenburg University

  • • Chalmers (Gothenburg)

  • • Lunds University

  • • Linköping University

  • • Uppsala University

  • • KTH (Stockholm)

  • • Umeå University

  • • Campus Helsingborg

  • • Örebro University

  • • Jönköping University

  • Thesis work and student assignments
    At IKEA we regard a student essay as a good way to get to know you while you’re still studying. For us, degree projects are one of our recruitment tools, so we are very careful about the selection process. We can’t guarantee you a job after you have completed your assignment, but we certainly hope that it will lead to some form of employment with IKEA. How many students write a degree project/thesis work together with IKEA depends entirely on our current needs. It’s important for us that the assignment that you carry out as a student is of genuine value, both to you in your studies and to us at IKEA.
    How to apply
    Apply thesis work or student assignments
    At IKEA we regard thesis work and student assignments as a good way of getting to know you while you’re still studying. For us, degree projects are one of our recruitment tools, so we are very careful about the selection process.
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    Read more about the terms and conditions to work on a degree project at IKEA
    Can we get along?
    To get the most out of a career at IKEA, you’ll need ambition, a positive frame of mind and maybe just a little of that famous Småland “can-do” attitude. Besides those qualities, almost everything else you bring is welcome. We’re looking for individuals, because it’s the diversity of ideas and personalities that our co-workers contribute that have made IKEA so successful over the years. If that sounds like the kind of environment you want your career to prosper in, chances are we’ll get along very well.

    How to apply
    1. To find unassigned student assignments click on "Search openings".

    2. In the field "Search using keywords" write "Student assignment" and then click "Search".

    3. When you find a suitable assignment for your abilities, click on "Apply" and follow the instructions.

    If there are two or more of you who wish to apply jointly for an assignment, each applicant registers their own CV, but you all submit the same cover letter. Don’t forget to mention in the introductory paragraph that you are applying for the assignment together with one or more other students.

    Your CV will subsequently be available to our Human Resources function for consideration for future employment opportunities with IKEA.
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    Terms and conditions to work on a degree project at IKEA
    The student agrees/students agree under the terms of this agreement not to use or to pass on information about the company’s internal affairs such as pricing, constructions and designs, experiments, surveys and investigations, operating conditions or the like, and details of employees’ salaries or other personal circumstances.

    As a general rule, student essays are written to comply with the right-of-access principle. This requires that the report is adapted in such a way that it may be stored and presented so that the general public has access to the contents. This, in turn, means that any sensitive information must be dealt with separately, or that the work is presented using an alias instead of the company’s real name. What constitutes sensitive information is determined in a dialogue between the student(s) and the supervisor at IKEA.

    All documentation that is handed over to the student(s) by IKEA in conjunction with the performance of the degree project remains the property of IKEA and shall be returned to IKEA on completion of the degree project. This documentation may not be copied, reproduced, passed on, or in any way brought to the knowledge of a third party without written permission from IKEA.

    The student agrees/students agree under the terms of this agreement to transfer without remuneration and exclusively to IKEA all rights to the ideas, layouts, sketches, drafts, descriptions, drawings, patterns, models, prototypes, designs, strategies or other materials that the student has produced in conjunction with or as a result of the degree project.

    The student(s) shall receive no remuneration for the work performed other than for relevant expenses.
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    Here are answers to some of the most common questions that students ask. You’ll also find some general information about IKEA here. Can’t find the information you are looking for under FAQs?
    Contact IKEA HR Service Centre
    Send an e-mail to:

    What should I study at university if I want to work for IKEA?
    The IKEA Group is active in many different areas of business such as retail sales, marketing, product development, distribution, purchasing and IT. We need people with skills in all of these areas, but first and foremost it is your interest in IKEA that is most important to us. Study whatever you’re most interested in!
    How do I apply for a summer job at IKEA?
    Our summer jobs are advertised on the IKEA homepage, where you can also make your application.
    How do I apply for a job with IKEA?
    We advertise all job vacancies on our homepage. This means that you will need to search actively for the jobs that you’re interested in. Registering your CV with IKEA does not automatically give you access to vacant positions with the company. Good luck!
    Does IKEA offer internships?
    IKEA companies in Sweden do not offer any internships as the organisation does not have the time or the resources to work with these. Instead, we invest a great deal of time and effort in supervising the thesis work and student assignments that we offer, and also in the introduction programmes that we run for new co-workers. Internships are generally less common in Sweden than in other parts of Europe and the USA, and we don’t want to accept any students to whom we can’t give 100% of our attention.
    Does IKEA have a trainee programme?
    In Sweden traineeships are advertised on the “Apply now” page.
    How do I apply to write a student thesis/perform a student assignment at IKEA?
    At IKEA it’s important for us that the issues that form the subject of thesis work and other student assignments are based on the needs we have within the organisation. The topics for student assignments that we are offering at any given time are listed on the webpage where we publish job vacancies. On the page for Student essays/Student assignments you can read more about how we work with these projects at IKEA. You will also find details about how to apply to work on one of these projects. We recommend that you check the list at regular intervals so that you can see as soon as we need help with a subject that is within your area of competence.
    How do I find information about IKEA for school essays, for example?
    You will find some of the information that we publish about the IKEA Group on our Swedish homepage under the heading Om IKEA (“About IKEA”) and some on the IKEA Group’s homepage where you can also download brochures.