Together we save money

The IKEA concept
You're part of IKEA
The IKEA philosophy is built on the belief of providing great quality furniture with great looking design at an affordable price. It’s thanks to you that we have been able to do it so far. You’re playing a big part. IKEA wouldn’t be IKEA without you.

Finding the best way to produce
Early in the design process, we decide the price. We simply decide how much we think something should cost, so as many as possible can afford it. Then we start looking for the right materials and the smartest ways to produce a product. And make it with the best qualities in the most environmentally friendly way we can. It’s a challenge we give ourselves every time. And if we’re not able to do it the first time, we start all over.

Transportation without air
We hate to transport air. That’s why we avoid doing it. And it’s been the same since the beginning of our history. Our flat-packs make it possible to transport products at a low cost with a small impact on the environment. Plus, your new sofa, chair or table becomes so much easier to bring home.

Self service
At the end of each store is where you’ll find the self-service area. That’s where you’re becoming a part of IKEA. By picking your flat-packed items yourself, it’s possible for us to keep the price down. Another much appreciated benefit of the self-service is that you’re able to bring your new purchases home the very same day.

After getting your furniture home, it’s time for assembly. And that’s when everything comes together. Literally. Not only the actual furniture, but also the philosophy of IKEA. We do our part, and you do yours – and together we make it possible to offer great quality products at a low price.


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