Think what 170 million
of us could do

IKEA stores attract about 170 million customers worldwide, or about 83 million households. So we got to thinking: Even a small percentage of our customers could have an impact on the environment if they tried to live a more sustainable life at home. What if all 170 million of us made small changes in the way we live? Together, we really could make a difference to the planet!
Good kitchen habits

Good kitchen habits

The heart of the home is also home to good ideas about saving energy and water, and preventing waste. Here’s a start.
Living room

Ideas for the living room

Where we read, watch TV and socialize, we also use a lot of energy. But maybe we could use less.

Save energy while you sleep

Simple ways to save energy in the bedroom make a difference to the environment, but won’t affect your comfort or your sleep.
The Never Ending list

Everything we do makes a difference

A home furnishing product goes through many stages from the time a product is designed to the day it’s no longer wanted by a customer. We call this the life cycle of a product. At IKEA we are making improvements at every stage, and adding them to a list – a never-ending list.
IKEA Foundation
IKEA Foundation
Making a difference in the lives of 100 million children.
IKEA Foundation
10 years with no job description
Working in China was the chance of a lifetime for Arnaud.
Career paths at IKEA
Mattress too big for your bike rack?
Yellow truck
Ask about home delivery.
Paid services

Are you a good fit?

Value driven
IKEA has strong values. Do you share them?

See how far we've come

Sustainability report
Read our latest sustainability report.


700 pounds of carbon dioxide is saved per metric ton of glass melted and reused to make bottles and jars.


One ton of paper made from recycled fibers saves 7,000 gallons of water, up to 31 trees and 4,000 KWh of electricity.


Recycling aluminium takes only 10% of the energy and resources it takes to manufacture new aluminium.

Light bulbs

If every IKEA customer replaced one 60-watt bulb with a CFL light bulb (CFL), the energy savings would be as much as the greenhouse gas emissions from 750,000 cars.