Kitchen products overview

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Kitchen products overview

When we say kitchen range we mean everything that makes your new kitchen complete. So if you want to get into details about our cabinets, doors, sinks, appliances, interior fittings, lighting and more – there’s a lot of useful information ahead of you.

AKURUM is a concept you’ll come across numerous times. That’s our versatile, flexible kitchen system and the foundation for all our built-in kitchens. As a complement to AKURUM, we also offer free-standing kitchens, built on free-standing units. The ones you’ll find at IKEA are called UDDEN and VÄRDE and are presented at the end of this chapter.

Cabinets, drawers and shelves

Kitchen cabinets are the box frames that form the structure of your entire kitchen. With such a critical function, it pays to invest in quality materials that will hold up under years of daily use. IKEA AKURUM cabinets are made of sturdy 3/4'' board (substantially thicker than most in the same price range) with white melamine foil for a hard-wearing, moisture-proof and scratch-resistant finish. What’s more, the entire product is recyclable.

Because AKURUM is available in a wide range of sizes, you can fit the structure to your kitchens dimensions. The system includes base cabinets in several different widths, 2 special corner units and wall cabinets in a variety of shapes and heights.

Your sink and built-in appliances fit into kitchen cabinets designed to accommodate them. To the AKURUM framework, you add your choice of cabinet doors and interior fixtures, for a kitchen that suits your tastes and needs perfectly.
Base cabinets
The base cabinets are the obvious place for everything from pots and pans to utensils and plastic jars. There’s even a special base cabinet it you want a built-in oven underneath your cooktop. Use RATIONELL interior fittings to organize inside your cabinets. Pull-out wire baskets, adjustable shelves and drawers give you a good overview of all your kitchen things.
Corner cabinets
Find exactly what you’re looking for with a corner cabinet for your pots, pans or dry goods. These can be fitted with swivel shelves or pull-out shelves.
Wall cabinets
There are wall cabinets that fit in corners and behind glass doors. You can even choose a horizontal wall cabinet with a door lift that has a catch for gentle closing. And fully extending drawers help you turn a low-placed wall cabinet into a practical storage solution. Wall cabinets are available in two standard heights and in many widths, and include several special cabinets. All deep enough so you have plenty of room, even for those big serving platters. Complement with adjustable shelves in melamine or tempered glass and combine different wall cabinets as you like.
High cabinets
Choose a high cabinet if you want plenty of storage space in your kitchen. Fully extending drawers with drawer dampers turn a high cabinet into a practical larder with everything within easy reach. Glass doors and adjustable shelves turn it into a place for your fine glasses. And if it’s a cleaning cabinet you need, there’s a special pull-out fitting for that too. Another bonus is that our high cabinets are available in two depths and different heights and widths. One of them is sure to fit.


They are by far the most important element in the overall appearance of your kitchen. Whether you aspire to a timeless sense of warmth and coziness, a hightech, minimalist look, or something in between, our range of cabinet doors can help the dream kitchen in your mind become a reality. Before making your choice, find out more about todays wide selection of materials, styles and finishes.
Solid wood
Solid wood is a natural, living material. Extremely durable and pleasing to the eye, it suits various design styles and budgets, as different timbers vary in cost and appearance. Wood can be more susceptible to scratches and dents than some other surfaces, but the effect of aging on this material can have a charm of its own. Wood is a good choice for cabinet doors exposed to rough treatment from younger family members. Fingerprints don´t show so much on a grained wood surface either. In fact, a kitchen with solid wood cabinet doors will still be looking great long after the kids have left home!
Wood veneer
Often underestimated as merely a more economical solution to solid wood, veneers have come a long way since the 1970s. What is veneer, anyway? Simply stated, it’s a thin layer of wood stuck to a core of medium density fiberboard (MDF), or plywood. Wood veneer cabinets provide the warm, natural look of wood surfaces, often for a less expensive price tag. But don’t let the lower price mislead you; this material is stable and less susceptible to warping than solid wood and will retain its good looks for years to come.
Lacquered doors have a base of fiberboard and are then coated with a colorfast lacquer and a painted finish. They provide an excellent option economically while offering great flexibility when it comes to color and style. Lacquer doors are practical and easy to maintain.
High gloss foil
Foil allows you to achieve a bold, high gloss finish that transforms your kitchen into a style statement. It’s a beautiful, durable surface which reflects light into the room. However, it may not be ideal for kitchens where small, sticky fingers will be in contact with cabinet doors. On the other hand, foiled doors are easy to clean and maintain and can really brighten up a dark kitchen, bringing intense color into the room.
You can use a few glass doors to add variety to a row of solid cabinets, creating a lighter, more open feeling in your kitchen. Glass also works well with most kitchen styles, from traditional or rustic to modern. And it is less expensive than you might think. All IKEA kitchen cabinet styles include a glass-fronted version to combine with solid doors. And since all of our glass doors are tempered, you won’t have to worry about shattering.
Melamine is a paper film that is provided with a single-color print or pattern print and then impregnated. The finished film is applied under pressure to a board, normally a particleboard. This treatment makes the melamine surface hardwearing, heatresistant, water-repellent and easy to care for.


The material, style and size of the handles and knobs you choose for your cabinet doors and drawers will have a surprisingly big effect on the overall look of your kitchen. At IKEA, you’ll find a wide variety of materials and designs, and many handles have matching knobs if you want variation. Changing handles and knobs allows you to liven up old doors and drawers for little money, giving the room a whole new look. The distance between the holes is the same for most of our handles, so you don’t have to cover old screw holes.


Countertops are probably the hardest-working element in your kitchen. They’re subjected to a daily onslaught of knocks, spills, hot pans and sharp knives. There is no single material that can withstand all these assaults better than any other, but here is what you can expect from each.

At IKEA, you can choose between pre-cut and custom-made countertops. Our pre-cut countertops are either made of laminate or solid wood and come in a choice of three different lengths. And if you have specific design details or features you need to work around, you can order our custom-made countertops available in acrylic, laminate, stone or wood.
Wooden countertops
Wooden countertops will age gracefully if you treat them regularly with oil. We pre-treat all our wood countertops to give them a good start. Then it’s up to you to maintain the wood by treating it with BEHANDLA wood treatment oil every now and then. The oil protects the wood from marks, stains and cracks, and prevents water from penetrating the surface and destroying the wood. If the surface looks a little tired and worn after some time, you can give it a real facelift by sanding and oiling it. It will be as good as new.
Acrylic countertops
With a made-to-measure acrylic countertop you can also choose matching sink bowls in the same material. Everything is cast in one piece, with no seams, and you can choose between four different colors. The work surface may be less scratch and heat-resistant than laminate or stone, but the smooth, poreless surface is easy to keep clean. And if you want to remove small scratches and stains, you can polish the surface with the cleaning set that comes with it.
Stone countertops
If you choose a made-to-measure stone countertop you’ll get a work surface that’s extremely durable, scratch resistant and able to withstand high temperatures. The top layer of the countertop is a molded stone powder. This makes the surface non-porous, smooth and easy to keep clean. It’s also stain resistant, and doesn’t require any impregnation. And the surface always looks the same, which is good to know if you want several countertops in your kitchen.
Laminate countertops
If you want a countertop that can take tough daily use - choose a laminated surface. We test ours to ensure that they can cope with hot pans (350°F), as well as shrug off spilled wine, oil and hot drinks. They are even resistant to scratches and chemicals, and the smooth, hard surface is easy to keep clean. The material is made up of a thin plastic laminate bonded to a particleboard for great stability. Laminates are available in a variety of finishes and detail, so finding one that looks beautiful with your cabinet doors couldn’t be easier.
Custom-made countertops
If your kitchen design calls for a customized solution, you can take a closer look at our selection of custom-made PERSONLIG countertops. Perhaps you want to round the edges, have an angle cut or attach an edging strip. You’ll find a range of flexible solutions we tailor to your wishes.


The sink and faucet should do more than complete the look and style of your kitchen; they should also make your work in the kitchen easier. With our range, you never have to choose between form and function – you can have both. Everything is made of high-quality materials that have been tested and approved.
One bowl or two?
How will you use your sink? Do you need one or two bowls? If you wash a lot of dishes by hand, a sink with a drainer can be helpful to keep water off the countertop. Choose a sink with the drainer or a large bowl to the left or right to suit the space and the way you work. Then decide on the material - stainless steel or porcelain. Most of our sinks can also be completed with practical accessories like a chopping board and a rinsing basket. A smart way to free up space and get more room to work on.


A kitchen faucet should suit your needs and be able to cope with a lot. If you usually rinse off your dishes, a handspray will come in handy. And a high spout makes it easier to wash big pots. Consider whether you want a faucet with a single-lever or dual control.


IKEA has — together with Whirlpool – developed a broad selection of ovens, microwave ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, hoods and cooktops to suit your needs and lifestyle. To make planning your kitchen even easier, all appliances are designed to perfectly fit and match your IKEA kitchen.

All IKEA appliances are designed to help reduce energy consumption at home and many come with the Energy Star Qualification. And they’re all backed up with our free 5 year guarantee.


With the help of kitchen organizers you can make your kitchen easier to work in, more functional and better looking - even on the inside.

Legs and plinths

Complete your base and high cabinets with plinths, legs, or a combination of both. All IKEA cabinets can be used with a choice of plinths or legs, which can radically affect the look and feel of your kitchen.
Fitting your cabinets on attractive legs, without covering them with plinth boards, creates a more open, less solid impression that can make your kitchen look a little bigger. Stainless steel legs come in different lengths so your countertops are just the right height for you. Each leg can be individually adjusted to compensate for any irregularities in the floor. For safety reasons, we do not recommend using legs on kitchen islands which will not be attached to the floor. This is only possible for the UTBY leg, which is not suitable for floors with underfloor heating.
Plinths, on the other hand, add a feeling of stability to the room, for a seamlessly integrated look. Plinths are suitable for kitchen islands, and are available in a variety of finishes, with a plastic strip on the underside to prevent moisture from penetrating into the material. For the same reason, the foiled plinths have foil wrapped under the edges.

Wall shelves

Using wall shelves is a great way to maximise space in your kitchen – and to add a personal touch. Use pre-cut shelves or shelves like MARGINAL, that can be cut to suit the space you have.

Wall panels

Wall panels protects the walls behind countertops and cooktops against soiling. They come in numerous colors and designs and are easily fastened to the wall.


Having the right mix of general, functional and mood light is the key to a well-lit kitchen. At IKEA you'll find a wide range of lamps, spotlights and integrated lighting that enhances your everyday kitchen life.

Free standing kitchen and units

Free-standing kitchens are an alternative to regular kitchen systems. With minimal planning you can create an entire kitchen. And by adding a range, a hood, and a matching fridge, you can create a complete kitchen with all the functions you need.

Free-standing units like kitchen islands and carts are a great solution when you need more storage, utility or workspace. Many kitchen trolleys are equipped with castors that make them even more easy to move around.
VÄRDE and UDDEN are, in contrast to AKURUM kitchen system, series built on free-standing units. Each unit is complete in itself and just like any other piece of furniture easy to plan for and easy to buy. You can also move them any time you want to change your kitchen to reflect your needs, moods or taste or take them along if you move house. You also don’t have to buy everything at once - you can start with a few units and add more as you go.
Kitchen islands and carts
When counter space just isn’t enough, a kitchen island or cart can give you an extra work surface. And with wheels it’s easy to roll everything straight to the dining area and back.

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