Sound is a vital component in any home entertainment experience. A good sound system can be the difference between watching a film or game and being part of it. These days many of us are fortunate enough to have some kind of surround sound system. Most surround systems consist of 6-8 speakers, each of which has a particular role to play in reproducing a soundtrack. This means that where you put them in the room is important.

Where to put your speakers

Front speakers
The front speakers take care of music and sound effects. It’s best to place them beside the TV at least 6 - 8 ft. apart. These are usually placed on the TV furniture.
Center speaker
The center speaker takes care of dialog so it’s important that’s it’s placed either directly over or under the TV. Align the front of the speaker with the front of the screen and try to make sure it is as close to ear level as possible.
Satellite speakers
These handle the background noises and sound effects that help immerse the viewer in the film or game. Place one on either side slightly behind the listeners, at or just above ear level. If the sofa is against a wall you can place them up higher. These should be directed slightly away from the listeners so they can’t pinpoint exactly where the sound is coming from. If your system has 4 satellite speakers, place two directly beside the listeners and two to the side and behind.
The sub-woofer produces the low frequency sounds that you feel more than hear and really helps put you in the middle of the action. The sub can really be placed anywhere in the room although it is best not placed equidistant from opposing walls.

Softening sound

Everything in the room affects what happens to the sound in the room – the walls, the furniture, even the people. Just think how an empty room sounds. This is because bare, hard surfaces reflect sound creating a harsh, echoey soundscape. You can avoid this problem in your TV room by using rugs, and heavy textiles, either as window treatments or wall-hangings. Not only will these soften the sound within the room, they will cut down on the sound that spills out of the room.


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