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Yellow background rectangle.A room with a red soft footstool, a white coffee table, and a yellow bookcase with colorful bookends and other accessories.
This February marks 40 years of the iconic BILLY bookcase. Functional, flexible and modest, BILLY is a bookcase made for anyone and everyone. Gender, age, interests, beliefs - BILLY crosses boundaries and focuses on the importance of what is on the inside, not the designer label or fashion status.

Over the years, new colors and options have been introduced and regular refinements have been made, but the BILLY bookcase formula has generally remained the same for more than a decade, making it one of the most well-known pieces of IKEA furniture. To celebrate 40 years, BILLY has a new yellow color choice and optional add-ons, such as display shelves and book ends.
BILLY turns 40!
BILLY 40th Press Kit (PDF)
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Highlighted Products
<br> A room with a weight bench, a punching bag, and two wood bookcases with weight and athletic equipment on the shelves. A light colored room with a short white and tall white bookcase, and various decorative pots and sculptures on it.A room with pink walls with a red bookcase with doors against the wall with storage boxes inside.Black-brown set of bookcases with several sets of speakers on the shelves in a room with a green armchair and gray walls.
Product News Archive: 2018 IKEA Catalog | 2017 IKEA Catalog | 2018 | 2017 | 2016
Beige outdoor sofa with several colorful patterned paper lanterns hanging from above.
This February, IKEA U.S. introduces a collection that puts you in “vacay mode” just by looking at it. From brightly colored and patterned beach towels and cushions, to cool looking coolers, the IKEA 2019 Summer Collection has something for everyone.

This year's Summer Collection is created together with designers Lotta Kühlhorn, Malin Unnborn and the design collective, Textilgruppen & Papperian. The design studio has been run by Växjö County in Sweden since 2001, as part of an initiative for people with disabilities and a strong passion for art.
Summer Collection
Highlighted Products
A blue beach towel with a red and white circle pattern hanging on a clothes line outside near the water.A doorway leading out to a balcony with a red rail, a sunglasses patterned bath robe hanging, with the sea in the background.Outdoor steps with patterned colorful textiles hanging over a wall, and paper lanterns hanging above. A flowery patterned blanket with a picnic on top including a basket, container of grapes and platters of other food.Top-down view of a colorful checkered table cloth with a hand holding a white tea kettle, with tea cups and saucers.A red balcony and window shutters with a white beach towel with a colorful sunglasses pattern hanging over the rail.
Product News Archive: 2018 IKEA Catalog | 2017 IKEA Catalog | 2018 | 2017 | 2016
Two white single beds with comforters and pillows in a yellow and pink painted room.
This February, IKEA U.S. introduces a variety of new products focused on boosting the energy in everyday life with joyful colors and bold, graphic patterns, including a new selection of décor - from quilt covers to towels and curtains. Plus new storage solutions for every room in the house, including the kitchen.

February also brings a new baby toy collection designed to help develop the senses through colors, shapes, touch and sound, including books, balls and mats. And new textiles and accessories made specifically for tweens and teens, with bold, colorful patterns that add attitude and identity to the bedroom.
New for February 2019
Highlighted Products
Black kitchen wall mounted cabinets with various black and blue geometric prints on the doors, and black bottom cabinets.Several colorful children’s items such as a play mat, a mobile, and various colorful soft toys in a room. A yellow pendant lamp above a cabinet with geometric lines on the door, and a paint brush dripping yellow paint on top.Several walls of fabric with a colorful swedish flower print, two stools in the middle of the room and a purple plant pot. Close-up of a duvet and pillow cases with colorful flower prints including blues, greens, reds and yellows. A red square rectangular frame built in a room with red curtains hanging with various silver cages surrounding it. A room with built plywood walls and a light grey sofa, and several colorful rugs in green, blue and yellow on the floor.
Product News Archive: 2018 IKEA Catalog | 2017 IKEA Catalog | 2018 | 2017 | 2016
Black and white close-up for a bed frame with a mattress and a blanket draped over it.
This February, the DELAKTIG platform for living, designed by IKEA and industrial design icon Tom Dixon, introduces a new bed frame, two headboards and three new durable covers. Designed to be customized and transformed to fit your lifestyle, DELAKTIG Part 2 gives you more ways to do your thing.
IKEA x Tom Dixon -
Highlighted Products
A bed frame with a mattress and a blue bed spread next to a pink soft seating chair in a bedroom with beige curtains.A pink soft seating chair with one armrest, a blue cushion, and a lamp attached to it.A bedframe with a dark headboard next to a gray soft seat chair in a bedroom with a blue painted geometric pattern wall.
Product News Archive: 2018 IKEA Catalog | 2017 IKEA Catalog | 2018 | 2017 | 2016
Soft toys against a pink background including a pink unicorn, rainbow shark, a blue monster, a hedgehog monster, and a seal.
This fall, the SAGOSKATT collection is back! The limited-edition collection of soft toys is designed by kids to support other kids' rights to play and develop. Chosen from over 87,000 submissions, the five winners of last year's drawing competition had the soft toys of their dreams brought to life, including a pink unicorn, a rainbow colored shark, a mischievous blue monster, a hedgehog-dinosaur-monster hybrid, and a spotted seal.

But SAGOSKATT isn't just a collection of cute and cuddly soft toys — it's play with a purpose. As part of IKEA's Let's Play for Change campaign, IKEA U.S. will donate 100% of the retail price of each SAGOSKATT 2018 toy sold to Save the Children's relief and recovery efforts in the United States.
SAGOSKATT 2018 - Designed by Kids for Kids
Highlighted Products
A collage of products from the SAGOSKATT soft toy collection, including a pink unicorn, a rainbow colored shark, a mischievous blue monster, a hedgehog-dinosaur-monster hybrid, and a spotted seal
Product News Archive: 2018 IKEA Catalog | 2017 IKEA Catalog | 2018 | 2017 | 2016
Dining room with a black dining set, black storage cabinets in the background, and holiday decoration throughout the room.
2018 Winter
Holiday Collection
With this year's Winter Collection, IKEA has everything you need to prepare for the intense, relaxing, social, solitary, cold, warm period we call the winter holidays. Everyone prepares and celebrates in different ways – some look forward to decorating for a big gathering, while others can't wait to light a candle and cozy up for some alone time. From decorative lighting and festive décor to stylish dinnerware and sweet indulgences, this October the 2018 Winter Collection offers everything you need to make your holiday dreams come true.
Highlighted Products
A collage of new images featuring new Winter Holiday products- including a paper lantern in the shape of a bunny, an electric candelabra with leafy wreaths, various gifts wrapped in gift wrap, and a bed displayed with pink and beige duvet covers in a bedroom with a tree display and a blue soft chair
Product News Archive: 2018 IKEA Catalog | 2017 IKEA Catalog | 2018 | 2017 | 2016
A living room featuring a light colored corner sofa with purple and yellow accent cushions and a patterned rug.
This October, IKEA introduces a range of products that encourage you to play with conventions and march to the beat of your own drum. Amongst the news is a new fashionably eclectic sofa family and a storage & table series made with sustainably sourced pine. To light up the home, there are new lamps and shades for all different lighting styles and needs. The launch also brings a whole new range of office furniture designed for a healthy work environment, including ergonomic chairs, sit/stand desks and storage with new functions.
A collage of new products available in October- including storage cabinets, desk lamps, office desks and chairs, and decorative frames with cat prints.
Product News Archive: 2018 IKEA Catalog | 2017 IKEA Catalog | 2018 | 2017 | 2016
A roll of coloring paper unraveling against a white to black gradient background, with a flying creature drawn beside it.
This October, IKEA continues its journey into play with the launch of LUSTIGT. If you give children rules for play, they will just break them. That's why this collection is all about making up your own rules, without restrictions. Ranging from quiet and mind-focusing games for development of logical thinking and fine motor skills, to more high-energy activities, LUSTIGT encourages togetherness through play, allowing children to make up the rules, sparking their creativity and imagination. Plus, each toy and game was created with timelessness in mind, designed to invite play for many years to come. Go and lose yourself in play!
Play Collection
Highlighted Products
A collage of products from the LUSTIGT Collection.
Product News Archive: 2018 IKEA Catalog | 2017 IKEA Catalog | 2018 | 2017 | 2016
Two people laying down on SJÄVSTÄNDIG cushions, on top of a patterned rug
Meaning “independent” in Swedish, SJÄLVSTÄNDIG is a limited-edition collection of products that liberate you from conventions at home. Originally inspired by “hacking” and DIY movements, the products have been designed and produced with the intention of you making them your own. With loud aesthetics and bold colors and patterns, SJÄLVSTÄNDIG prompts you to ask and to dare, to try something new and to ignore the beaten path. In other words, it's a collection that can be whatever you want it to be. Launching October 2018*.
The Limited-Edition Collection With a Voice of Its Own
Highlighted Products
A collage of products from the SJAVSTANDIG Collection.
Product News Archive: 2018 IKEA Catalog | 2017 IKEA Catalog | 2018 | 2017 | 2016
Ceramic and glass artist Per B Sundberg inspecting one of his works
Designed in collaboration with ceramic and glass artist Per B Sundberg, IKEA's limited-edition collection FÖREMÅL reminds us that in our homes we need both accessories and objects that stir up emotions. With the familiar (yet peculiar) objects in the collection, IKEA encourages customers to go with their gut feeling and experiment with creating a whole universe of pretty, ugly, lovely objects. Launching September 2018*.
FÖREMÅL Limited Edition Collection – IKEA in Collaboration with Per B Sundberg
Video Gallery
Highlighted Products
A collage of products from the FOREMAL Collection.
Product News Archive: 2018 IKEA Catalog | 2017 IKEA Catalog | 2018 | 2017 | 2016
IKEA PRODUCT PR PRESS MATERIALS: IKEA 75th Anniversary & 2019 Catalog
The cover of the 2019 IKEA catalog on a light pink background
“Welcome Home(s)!”
This year, IKEA celebrates a major milestone with its 75th anniversary. Since its founding, IKEA has sought to enable a better everyday life at home for the many, with the firm belief that furniture can be affordable without sacrificing principles of quality, design and sustainability. The IKEA 75th anniversary is a time for us to pay homage to our heritage, celebrate our accomplishments and look eagerly towards the future.

Speaking of the future, the 2019 version of the IKEA catalog is here! With a focus on our individual uniqueness, this year’s catalog celebrates how differently we all live – with our own unique tastes, habits and needs. In it, you’ll find new product offerings, home furnishing inspiration, and smart solutions that can help everyone achieve a better everyday life at home, no matter how they live.

Take a look, get inspired and find out more about what's new at IKEA.
Video Gallery
Highlighted Products
A collage of new products from the FY19 Catalog, August News, Gratulera Collection, LYSKRAFT Collection and SAMMANHANG Collection