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This year's new winter collection includes two distinctive styles of sparkling decorations, bright lighting, cozy textiles, and everything needed to fill the kitchen with tasty holiday treats. Nordic lights and Nostalgic Traditions provide something for everybody's special holiday moments.
Winter Holiday Collection
This October we're excited to bring you a variety of new products for the entire home. Among the highlights is our chair selection that lets customers create their very own chair choosing from different seat shells and underframes. This month also sees the launch of some Scandinavian textiles and fabrics, pantry accessories for our old friend IVAR, and a new mirror with built-in storage hooks.
Sales start October 2015
New Products for October 2015
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This year, IKEA celebrates its 30th anniversary in the U.S., and 30 years of creating a better everyday life for Americans.
In 1985, IKEA opened its first store in the U.S., introducing new (and revolutionary!) methods of design, manufacturing and distribution to make well-designed, quality furniture accessible to many. Icon IKEA products – such as the BILLY bookcase and the KLIPPAN sofa – reflect the company’s constant and continued attention to detail as the products, introduced thirty years ago, have been improved, become even more affordable, and remain some of the most popular products in our stores today. For more information about icon IKEA products, see our press material downloads below.
Additionally, we’re very proud of the role that the brand and our products have played in the lives of American customers over the years. In fact, For example, we’ve captured the story of the Doolan’s, a couple which started their journey with IKEA 20 years ago when they won an IKEA contest to find and wed the ultimate New York City couple, and furnish the rest of their lives together. Since then, IKEA has been with them through major life moments, as they furnished their first home as a married couple, their first child’s room, and now, their new smaller space as they downsize. View the video for their story!
Summer in the City
It doesn't matter if your outdoor space is a high-rise balcony, a local park or a reclaimed urban garden. With a little help from our affordable furniture, textiles, plant accessories and lighting, you can create a personal oasis that makes your summer exactly what you want it to be.
The New Wireless Charging Collection, Coming to the U.S. in late Spring
With smartphones being such a natural part of our lives, it only makes sense for the charging function to become a natural part of our homes.
That's why we've created a range of wireless chargers that make mobile charging a lot more accessible, yet a lot less obvious. With the help of our wireless chargers. we make charging easy, fun and convenient, by turning furniture into charging spots.
For this years' collection, IKEA invited 12 street artists from around the world to create 12 unique street art posters. Posters were the first format that challenged the idea of art, and that's why IKEA fused street art with posters, because we think that art belongs into everyone's home!
Henrik Most
Creative Leader,
IKEA of Sweden
NEW Products for April
This April, IKEA is getting ready for sunny spring days! We're particularly proud of a range of modern Scandinavian wooden tables, a classic bedroom series and a selection of clever storage solutions for indoors and out. There's also a focus on exciting textile collections that add a bright, fresh touch to the home.
The IKEA 365+ Collection
For the ever-changing everyday!

Since 1997, the IKEA 365+ collection has been one of our most popular eating and cooking series. Design, function and long-lasting quality have turned it into an everyday classic, but it was time to make an update. The new designs make it easier and more practical to cook up something delicious and enjoy it in any room of the home.
The NIPPRIG Collection
Made by nature, crafted by hand

This April we're proud to release the new NIPPRIG collection. Created from renewable natural materials, the collection showcases a creative collaboration between IKEA and local craftspeople in Vietnam and Indonesia using traditional weaving techniques and natural raw materials that help make each product unique.
NEW Products for February
With spring just around the corner, IKEA is bringing seasonal freshness to the home, with exciting new products to help welcome in the season with style. The new products range from an Asian styled headboard, bed textiles that pay homage to dandelion blooms, to bright and bold fabric lamp shades.
The SPRUTT Collection-Made for mornings with movement!
Mornings can seem like the clock is always ticking. From the moment you wake up, until you're out the front door, mornings are when a bustling string of activities start the day rolling. There's definitely no time to fuss over finding your keys or toothbrush, let alone tripping over shoes or clothes.
That's where the new SPRUTT collection comes in. It's a collection of storage, organizers and accessories made for making the busiest times of the day easier. Each piece is modern in design and super functional, not too mention low in price with a fun, graphic look as well.
new SPRUTT collection
Marcus Engman
Design Director for NORNÄS
The NORNÄS Collection
Introducing the IKEA NORNÄS collection a brand new series showcasing the raw and natural feel of pinewood and the clean lines of modern Scandinavian design. Made solely from trees sourced in the far north of Sweden, Design Director for NORNÄS Marcus Engman explains:
"With NORNÄS we really went back to the roots of IKEA as a company with a collection that introduces the beauty and versatility of natural pine for a new generation."
The new kitchen system from IKEA is available starting February 2, 2015.
Your Life, Your Kitchen: SEKTION
Grey and white kitchen with a kitchen island at the center.
Welcome to SEKTION - the new IKEA kitchen system. When we say new, we mean completely new. The frames, the doors, the hinges, the drawers - everything! All designed to give you more. More freedom, more flow, more fun - all at an IKEA price. So if you’ve locked your kitchen dreams away because you didn’t think you had the space, the time or the money - or because you simply couldn’t find a kitchen that was “you” enough - take a look at SEKTION. And get ready to set those kitchen dreams free.
Key Features
cabinets with doors filled with white china and glassware.
Close-up of small drawer hidden behind a larger drawer front.
A modular design that is easier to install, more functional and gives you almost endless possibilities when creating your kitchen.
Drawers within drawers that give you extra storage while maintaining a sleek, modern look.
Close-up of cabinet with integrated lighting, glass doors filled with glassware.Close-up of open drawers filled with pots and china.
New interior organizers to help squeeze the most out of every square inch of drawer and cabinet space and create a kitchen where things are accessible and easy to find.
Integrated LED lighting with features such as corner modules, electrical and USB outlets, remote control dimming and in-drawer lighting.
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Meet SEKTION: An IKEA Kitchen That’s Brand New and All You.
ÅRGÅNG Collection: Celebrating 70 Years of Classic IKEA Design
To celebrate IKEA turning 70 years, we released a whole collection of faithful old servants from the 50s-70s. The ÅRGÅNG Collection includes everything from furniture and lighting to textiles and tableware. It’s a great trip down memory lane for everyone interested in interior design. The simple timeless design will make each and every product in the collection a centerpiece in homes of today.

We found plenty of inspiration in our archives, and picked out some special “jewels” to give a new life. The collection ended up with 26 strong products, all with a true IKEA identity.
Download the ÅRGÅNG Collection booklet (PDF)
ARGANG series
Textiles and tripod lamp not available in the US.
Holiday Gift Guide
From home decor to toys for kids, from Under $10 to Under $100, find holiday gifts for all the nice folks on your list (and maybe a few of the naughty ones, too!) at IKEA.
Download our Holiday gift guide (PDF)
Download our Holiday gift guide
Welcome to the wonderful world of paper
Whether you’re writing notes, prepping for a party or decorating the home, say it best with the creative new Paper shop collections, fresh out of the box at IKEA.
Blue color not available in the U.S.