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Yvonne– Food and beverages manager, Holland
“My favourite IKEA furniture has to be the PS Collections.” Yvonne should know - she has been working at IKEA for 16 years. From an early age she knew she wanted to work at IKEA. After 10 years in the food and beverage industry she saw an advert in the newspaper in her home town of Hamburg, Germany. “This is my time, this is my job!” she remembers thinking.

“I just went straight to the local store and two weeks later I was a restaurant manager at the new Hamburg IKEA Store.”

With time as a restaurant manager, a trainee store management certificate and several years of store manager operations under her belt, Yvonne began to look for new goals. “I knew I could do more at IKEA and I wanted to see what other opportunities there were for me.” Her next step as marketing manager in Austria offered Yvonne just what she wanted. It was a chance to go deeper into the service and strategy of IKEA and develop other abilities.

Yvonne has stayed on the strategic level in food and beverage. Now working in Delft, Holland, Yvonne is extremely enthusiastic about her role as senior manager of food and beverage at Inter IKEA Systems BV. “I have seen IKEA from yet another angle. We are responsible for evaluating, documenting and transferring the know-how to all franchisors,” she says.

So what is it that keeps Yvonne at IKEA after all these years? “At IKEA you get a lot of freedom. Responsibility is given to you from a very early stage. If you like a challenge and are willing to take risks, IKEA can offer you many opportunities.”

She reflects for a moment on what she has achieved and what IKEA means to her as an employer: “I have always had the opportunity to take responsibility, try new things out and to learn from my mistakes.”
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