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Rene – Customer services, Austria
Customer services is where Rene feels most at home. After working in Graz, Vienna and now Salzburg, he has grown accustomed to the role of group leader of customer services. “It feels good when I come into work. Customers and co-workers alike come up and ask me for help and I can give them the information they need,” he says.

Rene started as an apprentice in Graz, Austria at the age of 15. His vocational training included 2 to 3 months practical experience in every area of the IKEA Store. He also spent 2 months a year in the classroom studying the theory behind the practice. “At the end of my three years training on the job, I was given a choice of departments to work in. And I chose customer services,” he explains.

Eight years on, Rene is group leader of customer service at the Salzburg Store. “Fundamentally, our job is to ensure that all customer needs are met so that they have a good feeling about shopping at IKEA,” Rene says. While he spends a lot of his time helping co-workers and customers, he also deals with customer complaints - an area which can be both tough and tiresome. “Some days you have several customer complaints in a row and you wonder if the day is ever going to end.”

But overall Rene is very happy with his job and feels a great sense of fulfilment. “I have learnt a lot about our customers, what they want, what they need, and I enjoy passing on this knowledge to my co-workers.”

“I have also been trained in areas that interest me, such as IT, and I now oversee the SAMS (Customer Service system) for Austria,” he says.

After a total of 11 years at IKEA, Rene appreciates the responsibility and the opportunities he has been given. “Without the education and experience that IKEA has offered me, I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today.”
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