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Edoardo – Customer services & marketing manager, Italy
Edoardo started working at IKEA 16 months ago. “I chose IKEA because I appreciate the way the business is centred on client satisfaction. I am a great believer in this way of working,” he says, “IKEA is a very interesting and unique company.” Coming from a marketing and communications background, Edoardo grew tired of the business culture in his previous job. “I felt people were treated more like numbers than human beings; there was little interest in employees’ opinions. And even though I was a manager, I was not invited to take part in the decision-making process,” he explains. In his new role as customer services and local marketing manager of IKEA in Milan, Italy, Edoardo couldn’t be happier.

“At IKEA everyone is treated as an individual. A lot of people are involved in the decision-making process. Everyone’s opinion is valued.”

One of the first things Edoardo has learnt at IKEA is flexibility. “A good manager should solve problems, but only with the help of the entire team,” he explains of his new role. To be an effective manager at IKEA, Edoardo realises you need great energy and to really enjoy meeting store visitors. “In this job you cannot sit in your office all day or you will lose touch with reality. I spend 70% of my time dealing with customers’ needs; getting to know them and learning how IKEA can meet their expectations.” The remainder of his time is spent in the office on local marketing strategy and implementing the customer service tools with the support of his team.

Having only been with IKEA for 16 months, Edoardo is realistic about his work. “Of course I can get frustrated with what seems to be rather a lengthy decision-making process, but it is more effective in the long run since everyone is involved,” he says. “I see and learn new things every day here.”

Edoardo reflects on his decision to join IKEA, “I am proud to be a part of IKEA, I love the culture and I am a firm believer in the way we work. I would recommend it to anyone I know.”
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