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The support functions exist in order to enable the work of IKEA purchasing, distribution, product development and sales. For example, a modern IT network enables us to share information with one another efficiently, handle orders and communicate with suppliers and customers. And what good would great design and efficient distribution be if nobody knew the products were available to be bought? That’s where Communication comes in. You can read more about these and the other support functions below.
Information Technology
Information Technology, or IT for short is active across the whole company, providing support and creating the systems we need to neatly match our companies’ way of working. Given the importance of IT to everyday business activities, you will not be surprised to learn that this organisation plays a central role in IKEA. Today IT is located in Sweden, Germany, France, USA and Singapore.
Ever wondered who makes the IKEA catalogue? It’s IKEA Communication, or ICOM for short. The catalogue goes out to 250 million homes, so it is obviously an important job, but it is by no means the only one for which ICOM is responsible. Staffed by a rich creative mix of interior designers, art directors, carpenters, copywriters, photographers and production managers, this department produces all the different kinds of publicity and information that reach our consumers and co-workers. Jobs in this business type are only available in Älmhult/Sweden.
IKEA Indirect Materials & Service
This company co-ordinates the purchasing deals on all the materials that IKEA co-workers need to do their jobs properly, which can include everything from store clothes and store fittings to lights, pens or even forklift trucks. The point is, by having these purchases well-organised, IKEA can buy at lower prices…. and that’s always good news! Co-workers are based in Sweden, Germany, China and USA.
Some other work areas around the organisation
IKEA is made up of many organisations, each with a different role and purpose. However, some functions span the whole company, regardless of organisational boundaries. A few examples of these are human resources, business controlling, financial administration, environment and store construction. Since all work in a similar way, co-workers from one part of IKEA can easily transfer their experience to another, thereby enjoying the many professional and personal development opportunities such a move implies.
Business types
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