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In the phase before our products reach the store, IKEA distribution service makes sure all goods are transported from suppliers to stores. However, once in the stores, logistics handles the off-loading and arrangement of goods.
Full control
At IKEA, thousands of products are handled daily. The movement of goods must be as efficient as possible, under all circumstances, guaranteeing service to our customers and ensuring that the products they seek are available to buy at all times. Jobs in logistics account for about 20 -25% of each store’s co-workers, all of whom provide a vital link in our operations. Our goal is to be in full control of the space and the volumes of goods in order to maintain uninterrupted sales.
What do we look for in logistics co-workers?
A good team spirit, professionalism and the willingness to work hard and learn. These
are all qualities that help logistics co-workers progress within this field. The better you know the IKEA stores’ activities, the greater the likelihood of finding new solutions that make things run even more smoothly. With operations on both national and international levels, those who demonstrate exceptional personal initiative have the chance to progress rapidly in this field.
Examples of work areas in logistics are:
Receiving & replenishment
The efficient flow of goods within an IKEA store is one of the key activities that ensures high sales and a high level of availability of goods for our customers and low costs. The goal of receiving and replenishment co-workers is to monitor and record deliveries, carefully check delivery notices, sort and separate the goods and get them off to the correct sales area or designated overstock locations.
As part of a larger team, receiving and replenishment co-workers must then load the goods from the floor onto the stores racks and shelves. This not only requires good problem solving skills and an ability to make the sales location commercially attractive, but is also physically demanding.
Managing logistics
The sheer volume of goods coming in and out of each IKEA store each day makes running a logistics department an enormous challenge. A manager in this area drives the cooperation between the sales and logistics departments, knowing how to exploit every cubic meter of space. It is also the manager’s responsibility to supervise the ordering of products to the store, ensuring the correct quantities are acquired.

The qualities required for this job are a high level of communication and education skills, an analytical mind, an ability to lead teams, coordinate tasks, set long term goals and follow them through.
Stock controlling
Efficient routines for dealing with stock are an important part of successful store operations. Since there are literally thousands of goods moving in and out of the sales space and warehouse, it is a huge task to keep track of them all. The stock controller does this, establishing routines and procedures that also help keep logistics costs down. Inventory accuracy, inbound checks, and transfer types are all key aspects of the job. To succeed in this position, you need to be analytical and good at solving mathematical problems, whilst also able to communicate well with colleagues.
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