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Co-workers in this area form a bridge between the factory floor and the products on the shelves at IKEA stores. They are responsible for ensuring reliable production methods that lead to high quality results, but which at the same time involve the minimum waste and maximum efficiency. Although not the most visible role within IKEA, this area is incredibly important for the company. Our suppliers and the good relations we enjoy with them are among our company’s greatest assets.
Value of local knowledge
The job involves close cooperation with suppliers, finding new ones and continually evaluating existing ones. It requires a good feel for the market, and for this reason, the area is split into individual units (called TSOs or Trading Service Offices) which pursue purchasing options in their own geographic trading area.
Best conditions….. for IKEA, the environment and local people
Trading negotiations can be tough, but our goal is to be fair and to make sure that every deal is ultimately a win-win. An important aspect of this job is to check that environmental protection measures and employee working conditions at our partner companies are up to standard.
Examples of work areas in this business type are:
Material area manager
Working closely with the local purchasing team, the material area manager oversees the materials and production techniques.
The purchaser is responsible for the development of new and existing business within a trading area.
Purchasing technician
The purchasing technician ensures production of quality goods at a low cost to customer and environment.
Business support
Business support staff work in material-oriented teams responsible for the day-to-day care and development of the running business.
Technical quality/ environmental manager
The technology, quality, and environment manager works closely with purchasing to ensure low price and good quality.
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