A family dressed up in different costumes and playing games.
LATTJO collection
Play it forward
Play for a better everyday
This November IKEA is launching LATTJO – a collection that´s all about inspiring young and old to play together, all the time, everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you’re 7 or 97, LATTJO is for everyone. With a wide range of games and toys, spanning from active play via indoor and role play to music, a recipe book for play and an app for playing together even when apart, there’s nothing stopping the coming winter from being a really fun one.
Play is contagious. Play it forward.
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A jigsaw puzzle with a fun pattern.
A photo of Nicolas Cortolezzis, product developer of the LATTJO collection.
Play is contagious
“Play is a universal language, cross borders, cross generations. Through play we connect with each other and build relations – having fun at the same time. And it’s just as important for adults as for children. Research shows that the joy of doing something without a specific purpose, like playing, releases stress and fuel our creativity and imagination.”
Nicolas Cortolezzis
LATTJO product developer
Two children trying to save a falling tower of wooden blocks.
Children bowling with empty bottles covered with numbered elastic bands in red and yellow.
A boy dressed in a robot costume.
A girl dressed in a bat costume playing on a tongue drum.
LATTJO collection consists of a wide range of games, toys, costumes and musical instruments for all kinds of outdoor and indoor play, for game nights and jam sessions.
A book with games.
A recipe book for play
Learn about games you’ve never heard of or be reminded of classic ones. Let’s play together is a whole book full of play recipes that aims to inspire all, whether full of ideas or in desperate need of input.
Two young girls playing games on a tablet.
A play-together-when-apart-app
With the LATTJO app you can play together even when apart, so just enter the colorful Tower and start climbing. On each level there is a room full of new and exciting challenges for the players to face together.
Available from November 2015