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A food journey to be continued

A young couple eating hors d’oeuvres at a party.
We constantly strive to offer you better and more sustainable food, and are proud of what we’ve done so far. But we won’t stop here. We will continue to add products inspired by our Swedish heritage, produced with respect for people and the planet, in our IKEA Restaurants, IKEA Bistros and IKEA Swedish Food Markets. Food that’s nutritionally balanced, more sustainable, plant-based, organic, UTZ certified – and of course, tasty, so you will like it. In other words, food you can trust and feel good about eating, in every possible way.
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Plant-based goodness
We want to make it easier to make better everyday choices. That’s why we’ve challenged ourselves to create a flavor-packed veggie hot dog and delicious veggie balls – plant-based alternatives to our iconic meat-based hot dog and meatballs. Surprise your taste buds and try a plant-based meal next time you visit our IKEA Restaurant or IKEA Bistro!
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This is a film about how we created a plant-based hot dog!
The IKEA ALLEMANSRÄTTEN veggie balls – an easy way to eat plenty of vegetables rich in fibers and proteins. Try a bit of variety with ALLEMANSRÄTTEN vegetable balls
 A black serving plate with black seaweed pearls served in mussel shells decorated with parsley.
Rich color, great taste, fine texture. Seaweed pearls make delicious hors d’oeuvres, or a tasty way to liven up everything from pasta to pizzas.
“We want to offer a modern taste of Sweden – honest food for people and the planet.”

Michael La Cour, Managing Director, IKEA Food Services
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Say hello to salmon balls
We are proud to present these truly delicious salmon balls – a newcomer in our much loved family of Swedish meatballs, chicken meatballs and the plant-based veggie balls. Their carbon footprint is seven times lower than that of our meatballs.
Seafood is part of our company’s Swedish heritage. Made from ASC-certified salmon with the addition of MSC-certified cod, and seasoned with seaweed and lemongrass, the salmon balls are a tasty new alternative. “I’m really proud of the new salmon balls and can’t wait for our customers to try them in IKEA Restaurants”, says Sabrina Anania-Stepanian, product developer IKEA Food Services.
Salmon balls – a delicious new addition to our popular (m)eatball range.
An ocean full of flavor
SJÖRAPPORT series offers a wide range of seafood products alongside glistening seaweed pearls made from algae harvested from the sea bed. All farming, fishing and harvesting of our seafood takes great care not to disturb the sensitive marine ecosystems.
Find a sea of flavor in the SJÖRAPPORT seriesRead more about the certifications of our SJÖRAPPORT series
Display of shrimps in a marble bowl, bags with shrimps in two different sizes, black and red seaweed pearls in glass jars and a whole salmon.
Try a taste of Scandinavia
Recipes that serve a fusion of all our delicious seafood products, and more – not only delicious, but nutritious too. Salads, rolls, wraps and dishes encompassing everything from salmon, oysters and shrimps to tasty asparagus and more. Tasty, healthy, environmentally conscious meals for the whole family.
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Two persons preparing a salad consisting of leek, leaf spinach, carrots and cabbage.
 A display of packages filled with dark roasted filter coffee and a coffee cup made of glass with freshly brewed coffee.
PÅTÅR is the Swedish word for a refill for your cup of coffee.
Our coffee and snack break tradition – fika – is an important part of everyday life in Sweden. Maybe that’s why Swedes are among the biggest coffee drinkers in the world.
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Coffee that’s a good deal tastes better
PÅTÅR is a series of coffee products, all responsibly sourced and made from high quality 100% Arabica beans. Enjoy great taste at affordable prices. And it’s not only about the taste. PÅTÅR coffee is organic to EU standards and UTZ certified, a combination that takes care of both coffee growers and the environment. Coffee that’s produced with respect for people and the planet tastes even better to drink.
Discover the ways IKEA works with sourcing coffee
Sourcing coffee beans responibly benefits everyone
A pink package of PÅTÅR special edition single-origin, 100% Arabica coffee in the hand of a Ugandan coffee farmer.
PÅTÅR special edition is a high-quality fresh and fruity medium roast, with subtle hints of vanilla and chocolate.
PÅTÅR special edition:
A single-origin 100% Arabica coffee from Uganda
To help support economic independence of coffee farmers in Uganda, as well as more sustainable farming practices, IKEA has teamed up with a social business project that buys the beans directly from about 13,000 smallholder farmers. As a result, we are proud to offer our customers a high quality, single-origin coffee made from 100% Arabica beans from the White Nile region. PÅTÅR is also UTZ certified, ensuring sustainable farming standards and good conditions for workers, and organic according to EU standards. PÅTÅR is available in the IKEA Swedish Food Market.
Close-up shot of a person’s hands resting around a clear glass mug of coffee.
The best water temperature for brewing coffee is between 197°F to 205°F.
Something for everybody
We serve over 100 million cups of coffee per year at IKEA, with tastes to please everyone from espresso enthusiasts to cappuccino lovers. And with special offers for IKEA FAMILY members too. Get coffee packages with things like whole beans for espresso or dark roast filter coffee to take home from our IKEA Swedish Food Market.
Enjoy our delicious and sustainably sourced PÅTÅR coffee range
By choosing our UTZ certified cocoa products, you contribute to sustainable farming.
This cocoa changes lives
Enjoy your chocolate even more, knowing that the cocoa in our UTZ certified chocolate bars meets strict, independent requirements to ensure sustainable farming standards and better conditions for workers. Also, traceability is just a click away. Check out the origin of your IKEA chocolate online, with the UTZ/IKEA online tracer
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The bring-along MUNSBIT fruit snacks, nut mixes and oat smoothies from IKEA can keep you going on busy days.
Drinks that don’t say moo
We’re expanding our MUNSBIT range to include dairy-free, oat-based smoothies that don’t need to be refrigerated until they’ve been opened – perfect for people on the go. More plant-based products are on their way.
Give our delicious MUNSBIT oat drinks a try
IKEA EGENTID is our own series of responsibly grown, high quality teas.
EGENTID – me, myself and a cup of tea
Drinking tea is a flavorful way to carve out time to clear your mind, reflect and recover. A well-deserved me-date. That’s why we’ve developed EGENTID. A certified sustainable tea series that’s all about me, myself and a cup of tea.
Make drinks and desserts with EGENTID teas
At IKEA, we’re cutting in half the sugar content of our soft drinks, in line with WHO recommendations.
You’re sweet enough already
On our journey towards a wider offer of healthier and more sustainable food, we’ve cut in half the sugar content of our drinks in the IKEA Restaurants and IKEA Bistros, in line with the World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations. We’re also offering more flavors to choose from. Less sugar, more taste.
The Swedish farmers that contribute to our organic IKEA SMAKRIK rapeseed oils, help preserving bees and biodiversity.
SMAKRIK – organic drops of Sweden
The SMAKRIK series of organic rapeseed oils is a new addition to our growing organic and locally produced IKEA food range. The Swedish farmers that contribute to SMAKRIK oils follow strict guidelines. No synthetic pesticides or fertilizers are sprayed on the fields – much to the joy of bees and other insects that gladly help with pollination in return. Besides preserving biodiversity, organic farming helps to maintain soil health too.
Try out SMAKRIK rapeseed oil recipes
The SMAKRIK series of 100% organic rapeseed oils is a new addition to our organic IKEA food range.
As a responsible company IKEA wants to make it possible
for our customers to make better choices.
A black and white photo of Michael laCour, managing director of IKEA Food Services.
A journey towards better food
To make sure we add better alternatives to our food offer, we apply the principles of what we call “Democratic Design” to our food development process. Function, form, quality, sustainability and low price are the key elements of Democratic Design requirements. The result is tasty, appetizing food of good quality, sustainably sourced and at a price you can afford. Food you can feel good about eating.

Food is too precious to be wasted
We think of food as a precious resource, and food waste should be kept to a minimum from farm to fork. We keep record of all the food we throw away in our IKEA Restaurants and IKEA Bistros and analyze the reasons why. That way, we become a bit better every day in planning our offer – and save tons of food from being wasted.
Another way we are using resources better is by adding more plant-based dishes to our offer. Plant-based foods have a much smaller impact on the environment than meat, which is why we have created veggie balls and a veggie hot dog as more sustainable options to our iconic meatballs and meat-based hot dog. We’ll also be looking into traditionally preserved Swedish foods. Environmentally friendly pickled, dried, and fermented vegetables. Super tasty, super healthy!
See how IKEA works to make our food offer more sustainable
Michael La Cour, Managing Director, IKEA Food Services
The greatest motivation for the future is to be an even better place to get good food for the 660 million annual guests around the world