City Expansion

We are taking bold steps to reach customers how and where they want to meet us. To be more accessible and convenient, we’re developing new formats in urban centers across the U.S. It all begins in New York City.

Head’s up, NYC...
IKEA is now open in Manhattan!

The first IKEA Planning Studio is now open on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

IKEA® new shopping formats

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IKEA® city expansion

Our home furnishing movement is heading to the heart of urban areas

The retail world and our customers’ lives are rapidly changing. So we’re changing how to shop at IKEA in order to continue making a better everyday life for the many people.

To reach customers in more innovative and personalized ways, we are expanding the brand into city centers.

Get ready for a whole new IKEA shopping experience

The Upper East Side Planning Studio will be the first IKEA city center format in the U.S. It will have smart home design solutions for small space living and New York City homes, and provide customers free planning consultations with expert IKEA co-workers.

Go to the Upper East Side Planning Studio page to book an appointment today!

IKEA Planning Studio Format

The Upper East Side Planning Studio

So much more than just another pop up experience

It’s not a pop up. It’s a brick and mortar shopping experience with sleek showrooms and design experts to help customers envision, plan and realize their dream kitchen, bedroom projects and more. It will represent a new way for customers to experience and interact with IKEA, and will emphasize small living spaces and design solutions for New York City homes.

We’re here for projects that need a helping hand

IKEA Planning Studio co-workers will be available to help customers plan their home renovation and refresh projects. And customers won’t have to carry purchases on the subway – everything will be conveniently delivered to customers’ homes. Not only are we making the IKEA shopping experience better for urban residents, we’re making it easier, too.

Go to the Upper East Side Planning Studio page to book an appointment today!

Democratic design and expansion news

Democratic design

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Design to improve everyday lives

We create a better life at home for all

What can we do to make things better, so that everyday life will be better? This is the fundamental question that motivates all our design goals and home solutions. We strive to combine low price with form, function, quality and sustainability, because everyone deserves great, life-enhancing home furnishings.

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The Planning Studio is part of a new IKEA global city center approach, which marks the beginning of our ongoing transformation and commitment to bring the brand into the heart of urban areas. It is the latest example of how IKEA is reaching customers in new ways that are more accessible and more personalized. The Planning Studio will focus on urban living and small spaces, giving customers the opportunity to discover, select and order IKEA products.

IKEA will be investing in additional ways to become more accessible and to meet our customers’ needs. We’ll continue to explore opportunities in New York and other major cities city centers like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Washington, D.C.

Globally, IKEA has announced 30 new IKEA touchpoints, investments in its fulfilment network and in digital capabilities. The Planning Studio is just one of many new concepts and customer touchpoints proposed as part of the company’s broader city center approach.

New York is a vibrant, dynamic market and the epicenter of retail, business and culture. New Yorkers are known for being trendsetters, which is why we wanted them to be the first to try this new store concept. We’re starting in Manhattan because our customers have told us they want more opportunities to interact there. The location is also centrally-located and close to several major subway lines.

Our large format stores will continue to be a vital part of the IKEA experience. But we’re excited to bring IKEA into city centers and create entirely new experiences with different physical and digital touchpoints. We are also investing in new and existing stores, and improving them for customers.

Yes. In 2019, we opened a store in Live Oak, Texas, and will open another in Norfolk, Virginia, creating approximately 500 new job opportunities.

Yes! We are continuing to find new and convenient ways to meet our customers. For example, we now have Click and Collect in most U.S. stores, allowing customers to order online and pick-up in store.

Yes, Planning Studio co-workers are experienced in all IKEA products and can assist in planning other areas of the home, including living rooms and bathrooms.

IKEA® Expansion

IKEA is continuously evolving to bring our customers the best shopping experiences possible. We have many exciting plans for the future, with our Planning Studio experience in New York City being one of the first to arrive. While our large store format will continue to provide customers with the same exciting shopping experience that has always been associated with the IKEA name, we are continuing to expand and develop exciting new ways of shopping that will meet a wide variety of our customer’s needs.