Ready for The Big Game?

Round up the gang and get ready for some football!

People watching The Big Game
Prepare The Field
No man cave is complete without a sweet game-watching setup. Pick an entertainment system that’s big on style and functionality. A mounted unit saves space, provides extra storage and gives a perfect view to fans with their eyes glued to the screen. For anyone with floor seats, have comfy cushions and folding chairs available.
Prepare the field
Gametime Eats
Watching football is hard work, and fans will be famished long before halftime rolls around. Set up plates and glasses buffet-style so guests can chow down at their leisure. Dish up the classic Big Game fare in large serving bowls so no one has to trek to the kitchen – or miss the action on the screen!
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Keep It Clean
An unavoidable truth: dramatic plays (and the celebratory fist pumps that follow) lead to spills. Have plenty of paper napkins handy in case things get messy. Get them in your team’s color to add some game day flair! To minimize spillage, lay out coasters and place mats so guests don’t have to hold their dishes.
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Ready? Break!
Think ahead to make postgame cleanup as painless as possible. Place trash bins near the action during the day to cut down on garbage runs, and pile dishes onto a rolling cart for easy transport to the kitchen. Think you’ll have more leftovers than your fridge can handle? Invite guests to take a taste of the Big Game home in microwave-safe containers.
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