Product loan/image requests for TV

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IKEA procedures for product image requests (TV outlets):

Thank you for your interest in IKEA home furnishings and accessories. For your convenience, outlined below is an overview of the procedures for media requesting product loans and/or images. Due to the high volume of daily requests with tight deadlines, it is not possible for us to accommodate all requests and IKEA does not guarantee fulfillment of all IKEA product image and product loan requests.

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IKEA cannot consider product requests for TV show pilots, trade shows, corporate events and/or student projects.

Requests to borrow products for use as props will not be entertained. IKEA defines the use of products as props when the product is used as decoration or embellishment in a story/segment without proper crediting and/or when the
product(s) featured are not the focus of the story/segment.

All submissions for TV product loan requests need to be evaluated and considered for approval by IKEA.

Please submit your request to Janice Simonsen at:

IKEA prioritizes opportunities for consideration that will include the following:

• The required IKEA brand credit when featuring IKEA products, which is:
-IKEA (spelled in capital letters)
-IKEA toll-free phone order number: (800) 434-IKEA (4532)
-IKEA web site address:
• Involve an IKEA spokesperson during the segment/broadcast.
• Provide an opportunity for an IKEA editorial element.
• Include a verbal mention of IKEA and its store location(s).
• Segment is filmed inside an IKEA store.
• TV outlet grants permission to feature the TV show/segment in IKEA stores.

For IKEA to process your product loan request, you must provide the following information:
• Name of show/network
• Airdate and time of show/segment
• Deadline to receive products and/or requested dates for in-store shoots
• Product name, description (size, color, article number, etc.) and quantity needed*
-If applicable, please note how you learned of the product (IKEA Catalog, IKEA press event, IKEA newsletter, etc.)
• Complete shipping address with contact name and phone number(s)
• How the product will be used and the type of credit being offered (on-air mention, website, etc.) Please note that if a product is used and promised/proper crediting is not provided, IKEA reserves the right to bill for said product.
-If you plan to alter a product, please secure prior approval with IKEA.**

Please send a copy (preferably DVD) of the TV segment once it has aired to:

Janice Simonsen
IKEA North America Services, LLC.
420 Alan Wood Road
Conshohocken, PA 19428

*Depending on the date of the request and the projected air date of the show/segment, seasonal merchandise (i.e. summer, holiday) may not be available for loan. IKEA cannot guarantee the availability of a featured product in all store locations, as inventory may vary.

**For your viewers' benefit, please include the details of any alterations made to an IKEA product featured in your broadcast so viewers are informed that the IKEA product has been modified.