IKEA Catalog

Every year millions of copies of the IKEA Catalog, in many languages, are distributed to households all over the world. IKEA works actively towards sustainable production of the IKEA Catalog.

The IKEA Way on Purchasing Marketing Products and Services

Production of the IKEA Catalog is regulated in the code of conduct The IKEA Way on Purchasing Marketing Products and Services, which covers both social issues and specific requirements for the paper and printing industry. Suppliers of the IKEA Catalog and other marketing materials must adhere to all requirements identified in the code of conduct.

Tracing paper fiber

IKEA strives to ensure that the paper used in the IKEA Catalog comes from forests that have been certified as responsibly managed, and studies are made continuously to verify the origin of the paper fiber being used. Paper and printing suppliers must also use a certified environmental management system and monitor their emissions.

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