SEKTION - A new way to create your dream kitchen
Coming soon!
Grey and white kitchen with a kitchen island at the center.
Something big is about to happen in the world of kitchens. For the first time in almost 20 years we are introducing a new kitchen system. And when we say new, we mean completely new, designed from the ground up to give you more freedom, more function and more fun - all with that famous IKEA price tag.
Close-up of cabinets with white glass doors filled with white china and glassware.
Close-up of small drawer hidden behind a larger drawer front.
More freedom. Soon, the trade-off between design and function will be a thing of the past. Our new kitchen has been developed to let you take your design dreams all the way, without having to skimp on function. And vice versa.
Close-up of open drawers filled with pots and china.
More organization. IKEA has always been your go-to place for smart storage solutions, and soon there will be even more to choose from.
Our new kitchen system will be launched February 2, 2015.
Up until that time we will still be selling our tried and true AKURUM kitchens. So if you’re good to go with your kitchen plans, go right ahead and order. Naturally we’ll be offering the same level of after sales service and support as always, even after we switch to the new system.
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