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Always a tasty offer

Bring the whole family to the IKEA Restaurant for a delicious meal at an affordable price. We have a tasty special offer cooking at the restaurant each day of the week.

Restaurant offers and menu options may vary by store. See your local IKEA store for details.


Always a tasty offer

Always a tasty offer

At IKEA, a restaurant experience with good food is always served at an affordable price. And with these time-restricted offers, even more so (see dates below). We even have offers in the Swedish Food Market for you to take home!

IKEA FAMILY Members receive a FREE cool bag with a purchase of $25 or more in the Swedish Food Market. Reg $5.99 Must show IKEA FAMILY card for offer.

Kids Eat FREE! Children 12 and under can choose from one combo meal valued at $2.99.

WEDNESDAY in the Restaurant
Feed a family for four for only $9.99! Includes two adult entrees (value $6.99 or less – beverage not included) and two kids meals (value $2.99 each).

WEDNESDAY in the Swedish Food Market
20% off ALL Salmon products in the Swedish Food Market including marinated salmon; smoked salmon, frozen; marinated and smoked salmon; salmon fillet, frozen; PASTEJ LAX, salmon spread.

Roasted chicken with mashed potatoes only $1.99! Reg $3.99

Fish and chips only $1.99! Reg $4.99

Offers valid on particular days until December 31, 2013. See your local IKEA store for details. Some restrictions may apply. Participation varies. Offers not valid at IKEA Home Shopping. Offers may vary at IKEA Carson.


IKEA Swedish Meatballs

IKEA Swedish Meatballs

Swedish meatballs, made according to an authentic Swedish recipe, are served hot in our restaurants each and every day. They are also available to buy in our Swedish Food Markets so that you can make them at home.

At IKEA we are 100% committed to providing healthy and wholesome food to our customers. All IKEA Meatballs sold in the US are made in the USA. They contain no preservatives and are made with beef & pork sourced from only the US and Canada. All of IKEA meatballs are made according to strict guidelines and are 100% approved by the USDA.


August 2013 Offers

Get more from IKEA every time you visit! IKEA FAMILY is our FREE loyalty program. You get special offers and find out about events first. Enjoy these delicious IKEA FOOD offers valid August 1 - 31, 2013 for FAMILY members.

IKEA Restaurant
● Crayfish Tapas Plate $2.99 for members
Non-members $3.99

Swedish Food Market
● Purchase two (2) boxes of Crayfish and receive one FREE party pack! $6.49 value
● Dark Roast Coffee $2.99 for members
Non-member: $3.49


Enjoy the taste of Sweden at home

You can create your own delicious Swedish dishes with these featured recipe cards and ingredients from your local IKEA Swedish Food Market.

What's for dinner at your house tonight?
IKEA and Cooking Light® have teamed up to bring you tasty Sweet-Spicy Glazed Chicken Wings! Download the recipe here.

Also, check out our delicious Salmon recipe. Click here to download the recipe.


UTZ certified dark chocolate from IKEA

Everyone wins with UTZ Certified at IKEA

We believe that good food and drinks should also be good for the farmers who make them. That’s why we support the UTZ Certified certification program for coffee, tea and cocoa production.

coffee being served from a pot

Since 2008, all coffee sold and served at IKEA is UTZ Certified. In 2011, we introduced a chocolate bar made from UTZ Certified cocoa, and by 2015 we want all our chocolate bars and the tea we sell and serve to be UTZ Certified.

Tasty coffee, tea and cocoa at attractive prices, made with respect for both people and the environment – this is a win-win situation all the way from the farmer to your kitchen.

Visit UTZ Certified and select the UTZ Certified coffee or chocolate bar you’ve bought. Enter the “best-before” date to find out where the beans came from and learn more about the lives of the people working there.
a chef in an IKEA restaurant holding up a salmon dish

How does an IKEA salmon land
on your plate?

Good food is about more than just how it tastes. We asked Anders Lennartsson, Sustainability Manager at IKEA Food, to explain how the salmon served at your local IKEA restaurant found its way to your plate.

“It all starts off the coast of Norway, where salmon are surrounded by fresh, clean water maintained at the ideal temperature in fish farms. The young salmon, or fry, are reared from eggs in freshwater tanks. When they are ready, they are sent to saltwater sites, located where they will have the least impact on their environment. This process mimics the fish’s passage from freshwater to sea in nature, and it allows the fish to be kept in ideal conditions.”

“Three years later, fishing boats with special “wells” that keep the fish alive, transfer the salmon to a production plant. And this is where the salmon is prepared to become delicious, traditional Swedish dishes in our restaurants,” says Anders.

IKEA is well aware of the environmental concerns connected to salmon farming.

We have been part of a multi-stakeholder dialogue, initiated by WWF, to help develop a standard for sustainable salmon farming. Our goal is that all salmon served and sold at IKEA shall meet that standard before the end of 2015.

“The depletion of fish stocks in our oceans is of great concern to us. That’s why we’re following WWF guidelines to make sure that the seafood served and sold at IKEA comes from healthy and well-managed populations that can sustain current fishing levels,” says Anders.

Say no to animal cruelty!

Good animal welfare is important and an essential criteria for high-quality food and home furnishing products. We do not accept cruelty to animals, and encourage the development and use of globally accepted independent standards for animal welfare. We have already implemented higher welfare requirements for broiler chicken and are planning to introduce standards for egg-laying hens during 2013.

IKEA was the first retailer in the world to introduce 100% traceable UTZ Certified cocoa, in the form of a chocolate bar.