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Annual report  2017
June 2018
IKEA Southeast Asia 2017 Annual Report
Launched ecommerce in Singapore. Opened an IKEA store and a new shopping centre in Malaysia. Built up a new store in Thailand. Established a start-up team in the Philippines. Delivered a great day out and affordable home furnishings to more than 71 million visitors.

Our team did a lot last year to create a better everyday life for the many people in Southeast Asia. In our 2017 annual report, we share stories behind that journey with our co-workers, business partners, media friends and, of course, our valued customers.
Read our 2017 IKEA Southeast Asia Annual Report. (.PDF)
IKEA and HAY present modern coffee tables, sofas, cushions, textiles, chairs, accessories and more timeless furniture pieces in their latest collaboration.
YPPERLIG collection
This October we’re launching our latest collection, done with the Danish design company HAY. By combining materials, colours and production techniques, YPPERLIG is a collection of basics adapted to modern needs and wants that truly shows the greatness of collaboration.
Sales start October 2017
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IKEA and HAY present modern coffee tables, sofas, cushions, textiles, chairs, accessories and more timeless furniture pieces in their latest collaboration. PH146014 PH146017 PH146015 PH146035 PH146016 PH146018 PH146025 PH146020 PH146021 PH146022 PH146023 PH146024 PH146026 PH146027 PH146028 PH146029 PH146030 PH146031 PH146032 PH146033 PH146034
A better everyday life
JUNE 2017
Creating a better everyday life for the many people
Our vision guides us in every aspect of our business. Our IKEA stores offer millions of people in Southeast Asia access to quality home furnishing products at affordable prices while our shopping centres provide meeting places for families and friends to shop, dine and play. But our vision goes beyond retail destinations. We strive to have a positive impact on our planet and all people touched by our business – customers, co-workers, suppliers and the communities in which we operate. Our first annual report is an opportunity to share what our team has achieved in 2016, and the challenges we are working to overcome. It has been a tough but very energising year!
Read our Southeast Asia annual report 2016
 A woman sitting on a washing machine surrounded by quilt covers and pillowcases in various patterns.
JUNE 2017
Limited Edition
The STUNSIG collection is here to make a statement. The designers and collectives have created a collection of vibrantly different and bold prints and applied them to everyday items like cushions, quilt covers, boxes and porcelain. STUNSIG adds the extra to the ordinary.
Sales start June 2017
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Close-up of a three-seat sofa with an orange velvet cover and lots of cushions.
APRIL 2017
The new STOCKHOLM 2017 collection
Scandinavian modernity of the highest quality – but at an affordable price. That’s STOCKHOLM 2017: a carefully curated collection in natural and tactile materials such as ash, rattan, velvet and hand-blown glass, to which Swedish light and nature has been an important source of inspiration. These pieces will be in your life for many years to come.
Sales start April 2017
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A white wall with 12 diverse posters, from internationally known artists, that is a part of a limited edition collection at IKEA.
APRIL 2017
Limited edition collection
12 diverse limited edition posters from internationally known artists that all express themselves through drawing. With ART EVENT 2017 we continue our mission to make great art accessible for everyone.
Sales start April 2017
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MARCH 2017
Jassa Limited Edition Collection
JASSA is a colourful, eclectic collection of furnishings and accesories with South East Asian flair. It’s the result of a collaboration of five creative minds, and each of them has put their stamp on it - from curvy natural-fibre furniture to lovingly hand-woven baskets to vibrantly coloured textiles.
With a carefree, bohemian feel, the JASSA collection captures the warmth and spontenaity of summer. In fact it’s guaranteed to raise the temperature a few degrees in any home, all year round!
Available in march 2017
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A woman with henna tattoos on her hands, carrying colourful cushions with batik inspired patterns, on her head.
A woman and a man relaxing in two hammocks, hung between two trees.
Summer is here! Time to discover a wild stretch of beach, explore a magical forest or hide out in a mountain cottage. Or stay at home, and take the time to enjoy your balcony or backyard. With practical outdoor furniture, parasols, colourful summer fabrics, solarpowered lanterns and more, IKEA has everything you need for your summer adventures, all under one roof.
Sales start February 2017
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SPRIDD limited edition collection
With music and mobility as starting points, fashion designer Kit Neale and IKEA have created SPRIDD – a print-based collection of tents, bags, storage boxes and cushion covers (plus lots of other funtastic pieces) for everyone who’s on the move.
Sales start February 2017
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APRIL 2016
ANVÄNDBAR collection
A greener lifestyle is a kinder life. And it’s all about the home we live in. Yes, it’s about the planet, but it all starts at home. Saving water. Saving energy. Sorting waste. Doing little things when and where we can. ANVÄNDBAR collection features basic, everyday products made from natural materials. Products that embrace a greener daily life at home. It’s fun. It’s easy. And it makes a difference.
Sales start APRIL 2016
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 PH133289 PH132882 PH132957 PH132883 PH132884 PH132885 GIF PH132954 PH132887 PH132888 PH132947 PH132899 PH132948 PH132949 GIF GIF PH132881 PH132951 GIF PH132945 PH132946
APRIL 2016
GILTIG limited edition collection
If it’s fabulous enough, a single item can change a whole room. With that in mind IKEA and London-based menswear designer Katie Eary set out to apply her gobsmacking patterns to home furnishing. The result is GILTIG – a collection made up of tableware that looks back at you and super-smart home textiles, plus lots of other stunning talking pieces. So turn up the volume!
Sales start APRIL 2016
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 PH131411 PH131412 PH131668 PH131672 PH131679 PH131685 PH131681 PH131692 PH131700 PH131701 PH131705 PH131924 PH131925 PH131926 PH131928 PH131929 PH131930 PH132070 PH132071 PH132072 PH132073 PH131927
APRIL 2016
New products - APRIL
The new products this April at IKEA bring fresh life to the home, many in a modern Scandinavian style. There’s a big focus on rugs in all sorts of materials and coordinated with the other big piece of news - a highly flexible sofa series. For children, there’s a large selection of baby textiles and a new family of children’s furniture and storage. Other highlights include three new beds, party products from the Paper Shop, decorative pictures and a range of innovative battery chargers and rechargeable batteries.
Sales start APRIL 2016
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 PH133001 PH133029 PH132895 PH132896 PH132973 PH132871 PH132934 PH132935 PH133036 PH132865 PH133002 PH133003 PH132864 PH132921 PH132802 PH132873 PH132799 PH132936 PH132813 PH132738 PH132774 PH132851 PH132853 PH132997 PH132998 PH132870 PH132897 PH132939 PH132940 PH132892 PH132662 PH132891 PH132923 PH132924 PH132928 PH132739 PH133034 PH132903 PH132904 PH132905 PH133037 PH132976 PH132859 PH132911 PH132858 PH132907 PH132863 PH132816 PH132815 PH133028 PH133032 PH133027 PH133030 PH133033 PH133059 PH132670 PH132672 PH132674 PH133087 PH133026 PH132985 PH132867 PH132875 PH132868 PH132869 PH132876 PH132994 PH132996 PH132992 PH132855 PH132707 PH132706 PH132959 PH132856 PH132967 PH132969 PH132929 PH132970 PH132742 PH132749 PH132746 PH132683 PH132684 PH132685 PH132686 PH132663 PH132546 PH132711 PH132712 PH132713 PH132678 PH132680 PH132682 PH132688 PH132687
APRIL 2016
New products - VARDAGEN
We’re now launching some new products in the VARDAGEN series of everyday cookware and tableware in a traditional style. Designed for preparing the food to setting the table, this launch includes bakeware, pots, dinnerware and glassware. Each piece of VARDAGEN series has a soul of its own, combining traditional shapes and details, to bring back memories from the past and create new ones.
Sales start APRIL 2016
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 PH133013 PH132920 PH132913 PH132912 PH132914 PH133065 PH132916 PH132917 PH133023 PH133022 PH132915 PH133015 PH133018 PH133017 PH133019 PH133020 PH133021