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7% of the price of your furniture

Our products are specifically designed to be simple to assemble, so that our customers can easily do it themselves. That way, you save the most money.

However, if you need a hand, we have a range of assembly options for you to choose from when shopping at or shopping at your nearest IKEA store.

Shopping at

If you’re placing an order online, we offer the following assembly options below together with a truck delivery. You can easily book the assembly services as you checkout online!

Types of products Fees
Sofas that require only fixing of legs and/or covers 100 THB/unit
All other furniture that require assembly 7% of product price*
Items that require wall drilling 50 THB per hole

*Inclusive of installation of tip-over restraint for safety purpose. Assembly services exclude electrical and plumbing works.

All service charges are paid directly to our Service Provider

Shopping at your nearest IKEA store

If you are shopping in-store, please speak with an IKEA co-worker at an information counter to book the service. Alternatively, you can also book for services at the delivery counter in the store.

Delivery and assembly zones
Pictogram of a man and a drill.
 Secure It!
Important notice: At IKEA, product safety remains our top priority. Furniture is safe from tipping over when secured to the wall. Tip over restraints and instructions are provided with all IKEA floor standing units that are required to be fastened to the wall. Consumers are encouraged to adhere to the instructions provided with each IKEA product and to ensure that all floor standing furniture units are fastened securely using the existing tip over restraints provided.
Click here for more information for wall anchoring guide.