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About shopping

How to shop at IKEA

The Basics
• Easy parking for everyone and easy access for people with disabilities. Choose your store for more information on parking fees: IKEA Bangna or IKEA Bang Yai
• Free pencils, paper, tape measures, store guides, catalogues, shopping carts, shopping bags and strollers
• A good restaurant with a children’s menu and play area
A view of an IKEA store through the window of a cafe where a man is sat drinking a cup of coffee while reading a magazine and another man is walking past the window.
A smiling little girl playing in an indoor play area.
Bring the family
We want the IKEA shopping experience to be a family-friendly one. Every IKEA store has a supervised play area for children, called Småland. You can drop your children off there and shop on your own, knowing they are safe and having fun.
Test-drive your furniture
Shopping at the IKEA store should be hassle-free and hands-on. We want you to make yourself at home in our room settings, so go ahead and sit, lie down, fold out the sofa bed, turn on the lamps, feel the weight of the fabrics, pick up the dishes and open the cabinets. No one will bother you and you can always ask for help.
Note the shelf number - it’s on the price tag
On the price tag you’ll find lots of details including the shelf number. This details where you can collect the item from the Self-serve furniture area, or information on where to collect it at Furniture pick-up area.
A man holding a little girl looking at a ceiling lamp in an IKEA store.
A large, 4-sided ‘i’ information sign
You’ll find IKEA staff at information desks with this symbol. They will arrange for you to collect your item at the Furniture pick-up area if it isn’t available in the Self-serve furniture area.
Food co-worker
Take a break any time
Our restaurant isn’t just for delicious meals. You can stop in for a quick sandwich or a coffee too. Plus, there’s always a children’s menu available.
Pick up your purchases
You can pick up your purchases from the Self-serve furniture area using the shelf number you noted down. Some items need to be picked up in Furniture pick-up after your purchase is complete.
A man loading boxes from a storage warehouse onto a trolley.
A man holding a box of flat-packed furniture on top of a pile of the same sized boxes.
Pay for your purchases
Our cashiers accept cash, credit cards, debit cards, and IKEA gift cards.
Take it home
Most IKEA furniture is flat-packed so you can transport it home yourself. If you prefer, IKEA can arrange home delivery at a reasonable rate. Contact IKEA co-worker, call us for details or call us for details.