ALLVARLIG Collection


The fruits of the collaboration between IKEA and the Doi Tung Development Project under the patronage of Mae Fah Luang Royal Foundation

The Doi Tung Development Project was initiated by the late Princess Mother of Thailand to help the tribal villages in Chiang Rai to a self sustainable livelihood as an alternative to an opium linked incomes. Traditional handicrafts and sustainable crops were successfully promoted and supported and helped transform both the landscape and people’s lives.

IKEA designer Anna Efverlund was inspired by the handicraft traditions and the link to Chiang Rai nature and poppy when she designed the ALLVARLIG collection for the IKEA Doi Tung collaboration. The collaboration helps the many hill tribes in Chiang Rai by fair pricing, trade and knowledge transfer. The ALLVARLIG range is sold exclusively in IKEA Bangna. Make a difference to the Hill Tribes and your table setting.

Mae Fah Luang Foundation

To improve social and economic development, preserve the environment and support local art and culture.
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Anna Efverlund

The unexpected, rebellious, fun and always functional designs at IKEA since over 30 years.
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Press Release

Information about the collaboration between IKEA and Mae Fah Luang Royal Foundation.
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