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Make a difference without
leaving your home

A young girl peels an orange in a kitchen filled with products that make it easier to live more sustainably
At IKEA we have loads of money-saving products and solutions to help you save energy and water, and reduce waste. They may seem like small things – but that’s the beauty of small actions: they all add up!
LED lighting
Water-saving taps
Hidden waste-sorting solutions
Energy-saving appliances
New lighting possibilities
LED lighting is a breakthrough technology that we have fully embraced at IKEA. By 2016, all the lighting that we sell will be LED. It means that we’re gradually phasing out all other types of light bulbs. Don’t worry – you can use LED light bulbs in all your favourite lamps. And we’ll be able to bring you lots of new and exciting lighting possibilities as well.
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See why we’re making the switch to LED bulbs and lamps.
HÄGGÅS LED pendant lamp consumes up to 85% less energy and last 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs.
Considering LED for your home?
LED lighting has created many new design opportunities because the bulbs can be built into the lamps, allowing unique shapes that were not possible with traditional incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs produce a warm, white light, are cool-to-the-touch and can be more pleasing on the eye than many conventional energy-saving bulbs.
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Girl holding a SPÖKA LED night light that is turned on and off by pressing the ghost’s head
LED bulbs use up to 85% less energy than conventional bulbs and last up to 20 years
Saving energy and money
There are simple changes you can make that can lower your energy bills even further, like using steamer inserts when you cook or washing your clothes in cold water and hanging them out to dry. All these small actions add up!
Download our laundry-day energy-saving tips PDF
Saving energy can be as simple as using energy in the most efficient way
An energy-saving solution can be as simple as a lid on a pot or a STABIL steamer.
Saving energy with textiles
There are lots of simple ways to save energy at home and a couple of them only require a trip to the store. Since many homes lose heat through the floors, area rugs are the unsung heroes of low-cost, quick-fix energy solutions.
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You can also save energy and regulate indoor temperatures by using textiles to insulate your window and door openings. Curtains block the hot sun.
See all curtains
Using textiles is an easy way to save keep your house cool in the summer
Using rugs and curtains can help you regulate the temperature
Reduce your water usage up to 50% by installing an IKEA bathroom tap
Let’s all do our part to save water, a precious resource we all share.
Tapping into more ways to use less water
Experts say that less than three percent of the water on Earth is fresh water. We can all contribute to conserving this precious, shared resource. That’s why we offer kitchen taps that reduce water consumption by up to 30%, bathroom taps that reduce consumption up to 50%.
See all kitchen taps
Save the water you use to rinse vegetables in and water your plants with it
IKEA kitchen taps save up to 30% on your water usage
More ways to use less water
Switching to one of our kitchen or bathroom taps can reduce your water usage by up to 50%. What’s the secret? Well, a pressure compensating aerator, a little device inside the faucet that adds a little bit of air to help you save water and hopefully money, too.
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See all bathroom taps
Using resources in a smart way
Recycling and preventing waste is something everybody can do – from small homes to big businesses. Preventing waste is a simple way to save money by only using what we need. And when we recycle, materials like paper, plastic and metal can be used again to make new products, instead of taking new resources out of the Earth. Who knows what your next egg carton or juice bottle could become next!
See more waste-sorting solutions
Preventing waste is something we can all do
We have lots of solutions to help with sorting and preventing waste.
VARIERA recycling series lets you customize your recycling
Create your own recycling solution
Local recycling systems around the world can be very different, which is why we made a modular system that you can customise. This space-saving system helps you separate your recyclables in a way that works for you. The bins are easy to lift and carry, and the lids lock in odours.
See all products in VARIERA series
RETUR recycling solution is great for small spaces
Get creative with ways to sort
Great for small spaces, or when there’s no room under the sink, we made the RETUR freestanding solution in three different sizes. Made from easy-clean plastic, they all have built-in handles so they’re easy to lift and transport.
See RETUR waste-sorting bins
3 easy ways to prevent food waste
Storing your food so you can see it makes it easier to come up with menu ideas!
Stack and store
We tend to eat what we see. As soon as you get home from the grocery store, put cereal, pasta and other dry goods in see-through or marked containers for easy-to-find menu ideas.
See all IKEA 365+ jars
Preserving nature’s bounty is a delicious way to feed your family
A trip to the market can easily turn into preserves for the year. Our KORKEN series containers are made from at least 40% recycled glass and can store your grandmother’s spiced chutney recipe when plums are in season.
See all KORKEN jars
Saving leftovers help you save money in your food budget
Cook and save
Leftovers are great but who wants to eat spicy black bean soup five nights in a row? Make weekly dinner menus and store leftovers in the freezer for lunch another day.
See all IKEA 365+ food containers
Saving resources with rechargeable batteries
Making the switch to rechargeable batteries is a more sustainable alternative to disposable batteries. You’ll consume and throw away fewer batteries. With our new range of rechargeable batteries and battery chargers, it’s now more affordable and convenient than ever to use rechargeables at home.
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A selection of rechargable batteries of different sizes arranged on a desk.
Stay charged for longer
Our new rechargeable batteries can be charged up to 1500 times and are available in high and low energy capacities, so the most optimal battery can be chosen for a specific device. For example, a camera flash requires a lot of instant power, while a computer mouse consumes a lot less power for a longer period of time. Using the right battery means you don’t need to recharge them as often.
See our rechargeable batteries and chargers
Installing solar panels on an IKEA store
Creating positive change
Learn how we’re sourcing materials in a responsible way and becoming energy independent.
Go to Energy & Resources
Putting people first
We’re helping to create a better everyday life for people around the world.
Learn about People & Communities
Empowering girls and women helps create holistic solutions to poverty and child labour
A woman taking a bite of a pulled salmon sandwich.
Making a healthy life an easy choice
What does being healthy mean to you? For us, it’s about making smart everyday choices that are good for both your body and the environment. It’s about taking the bike instead of the car in your daily commute and activities. It’s about a day at your desk that’s actually good for your body and energy levels. It’s about the joy of seeing the seeds you planted grow into a mini-garden - because, in the end, even the small changes make a big difference.
A cross section of a pulled salmon sandwich.
Salmon. Good and good for you
Seafood is part of our company’s Swedish heritage, sold and served at IKEA around the world every day.
Salmon makes for a delicious and nutritious meal. With just two or three servings a week you’ll meet your body’s need for omega-3 fatty acids while getting a good dose of antioxidants, protein, iodine and vitamins D, A and B12. So we’re giving this typical Scandinavian treat a modern twist, and introducing our pulled salmon sandwich. Combining hot-smoked ASC certified salmon with a spicy BBQ glaze, served in a sourdough bun with green leafy salad. Healthy and delicious.
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A person cutting thin slices of marinated salmon.
Besides the omega-3 fatty acids and protein, salmon contains antioxidants, iodine and vitamins D, A and B12 - making it both delicious and nutritious.
Fried vegetable balls and vegetable soup served in grey soup bowls, seen from above.
Veggies with attitude, even the kids love
Our vegetable balls are made from vegetables only, high in nutrition, fibre and protein and their carbon footprint is 30 times less than that of meatballs. Tasty, healthy, better for the planet, and no need to remind the family to “eat their greens” anymore. “Finally, after testing different combinations, we were home! The ball is delicious and it looks really tasty too, when you cut it open you can see the ingredients. No ball looks like the other – they look homemade and fresh, have a rich taste, and we’re really happy about the outcome.” says Annika Dunnico, Project Developer, Project Leader at IKEA Food.
Get the vegetable ballsSee more Swedish Food market products
Several small greenhouses with herbs and seedlings growing in plant pots.
A mini-garden at home
Help the colour bloom inside your home with the simple SOCKER series - a clever, functional and decorative series for creating your own green spots at home. Whether for flowers, herbs or vegetables, the series includes a beautiful greenhouse, plant stands, a watering can and much more - letting you add greenery and maybe something good to eat.
See SOCKER greenhouseSee more outdoor plants and plant pots
Healthy living. It’s as easy as riding a bike
Part of leading a healthy lifestyle is about getting your body moving. Leave the car behind and choose SLADDA bicycle when going to work, grocery shopping or just taking a pleasant countryside ride. It’s a great non-polluting alternative to driving, keeping both your body and the environment happier.

SLADDA is our take on a bicycle adapted to how you like to ride, creating a better everyday on the move. We’ve aimed at making SLADDA more than your ordinary bike. Like a modular transport system for when you want to get out of the car and into a healthier commute. Come hear the story of how IKEA came to make a bicycle.
See SLADDA bicycle
A woman standing outside a house with her bicycle and a crammed trailer with boxes, a suite case and a green plant.
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Join the movement!
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How IKEA ended up making a bike
A woman standing by a height adjustable white desk and beside the desk a black trolley with three shelves.
Take a stand
No more long days just sitting and working. We’ve rethought what makes for a healthier way to be your productive best. With our BEKANT work desks you can find your comfort zone by adjusting to different heights for either sitting or standing. Alternating between these positions is proven to help you both work and feel better.