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Being a good neighbour

IKEA store
We believe in giving back to the local community to create a better everyday life for them. This is one of our key elements in ensuring that social sustainability is achieved.
APSN Charity
Giving back to the community
Our Alexandra store works closely with Singapore’s Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN). With our new charity policy, we went to the Tanglin School for people with special needs and assembled our donated furniture alongside their students, working together to refurbish the school’s laundry area and student lounge.
IKEA workers
Giving back to the children
who deserve it
Coming from low-income families who are unable to afford child-care services and problem families, Child @ Street 11 seeks to provide aid and care for the many children who come from these backgrounds.
In line with our beliefs, IKEA has collaborated with Child @ Street 11 to show our support by donating furniture as well as spending time to interact with the children.
Child @ St 11
Entrepreneurship from the ground up
In a bid to encourage our local community to engage in entrepreneurial and charity cause activities, we have made available four push cart kiosks at our Tampines store for use. Several groups have already started utilizing these pushcarts, they include:
• Weworkz (Women Enterprise Workz) which empowers women with relevant skills and opportunities to supplement their family incomes and achieve economic independence. These women fashion recycled materials into innovative items to sell.

• North East Community Development Council (CDC) Flea Market: Low-income residents set up shop on weekends to supplement their income.
Reducing our carbon footprint
Here at IKEA, we take waste management seriously.
We believe that waste, when properly managed,
can be our greatest resource.
Recycling waste oil to bio-diesel
All the waste oil from restaurants in both IKEA stores are sent to Alpha Biofuels to be recycled into bio-diesel. The main process used is trans-esterification. The bio-diesel produced can be used pure or blended with diesel and is available locally for vehicles in Singapore.
Recycling of light bulbs
IKEA is the first major retailer in Singapore that provides light bulb recycling services for consumers. There are collection bins at our lighting department and wrapping stations. All collected light bulbs (incandescent, florescent and halogen, and LED types) are recycled with PNH Recycle Pte Ltd.
Parking lots for electric motorcycles
To promote emission-free and affordable transportation in Singapore, parking lots for parking & charging electronic motorcycles are now available in the car park of both IKEA stores.
Keeping our beaches clean
As part of our initiative to cease the sales of plastic bags in 2013, IKEA Tampines participated in International Coastal Cleanup Singapore. This is a manner of co-workers engagement to understand the global issue of marine trash and hence why it is important to minimise the use of plastic bags.

The International Costal Clean up Singapore is an annual environmental exercise conducted since 1992 by over 3,000 volunteers by more than 50 organisations and schools which IKEA SG participated in 2013.

The programme aims to remove and collect data on the debris from the shorelines, waterways and beaches of the world's lakes, rivers and oceans. This information serves to educate the public on marine debris issues and to encourage positive change by submissions to governmental and international organisations that will reduce debris in waterways and enhance aquatic environments
Beach clean up
Say no to plastic bags
At IKEA, we believe in protecting the only home we have got. On 23 March 2013, IKEA has since ceased the sale of plastic bags at our stores. To encourage customers to make the switch from plastic bags to our reusable blue bags, we reduced the price of the reusable bags from $1.20 to $0.90 for the large ones and from $0.60 to $0.30 for the smaller version.

The cost savings from eliminating disposable plastic bags are used to pledge a further $200,000 to WWF Singapore to fund its Eco School Programme between 2013- 2015.
Finding alternatives
Since 2011, IKEA SG has switched to corn ware for our takeaway boxes. These corn ware are starch-based bio-plastic made primarily from corn and yam. As compared to Styrofoam, given the time and left outdoors, a corn ware takeaway box will biodegrade in 90 days instead of years. Switching to corn ware takeaway boxes would be better for the environment even when they are littered carelessly in the natural habitat. This is IKEA’s way of reducing the impact of disposable packaging on the environment. Proceeds from cornware takeaway boxes have been donated towards environmental causes: WWF (2011-2012) and International Coastal Cleanup Singapore (2013)
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Tree Planting with
IKEA Co-workers
At IKEA Singapore, we encouraged customers to take home unfinished meals in bio-degradable take-away boxes made out of corn. Then we donated the proceeds of those take-away box sales to the National Parks Board’s Garden City Fund – a registered charity that seeks to raise awareness and appreciation of the environment.

Our co-workers decided to get involved, too. Together, we planted 200 trees to help keep our city green.

Here’s a peak behind the scenes….