To us, children are the most important people in the world

At IKEA, we believe that all children have the right to a healthy, secure childhood and access to quality education, not matter where in the world they live. That’s why IKEA Social Initiative supports long and short-term projects that give children a better start in life. 100 million children benefit from current projects.
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Long-term commitments in India and Pakistan

Our biggest projects are in South Asia, especially India, where the needs of children are great and where IKEA has been doing business for many years. Here we are improve health and sanitation for children and provide them with a quality education.

“I want to provide my daughter with a better life. I want to give her options.”

– Geeta Devi, Varji Mukundpur
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How our customers make a difference

Two customer campaigns help improve children’s lives in Africa, Asia and Eastern and Central Europe. See how.

Help in emergencies

When disaster strikes, IKEA Social Initiative helps. We may donate IKEA products to support humanitarian relief efforts, or provide financial support.

Emergency relief

“I cried when some of my friends died but I feel safe now. I don’t want to see any houses fall anymore.”
Leka, 4 years old, Haiti
Beyond home furnishing
Reducing our impact on the environment is part of our responsibility.
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Working at IKEA
Starting with mothers
Women change their families and their communities
Women change the world

100 million children

benefit from IKEA Social Initiative children’s programmes.

School, not work, for children

Children in school
Children learn from trained teachers