IT help desk

Martina - IT help desk, Sweden

Martina – IT help desk, Sweden

The helpdesk is where Martina feels at home. After working at helpdesks in Älmhult, Paris, Singapore and now Helsingborg, she’s grown accustomed to the hands-on approach and the need for a swift response. She says “We may be small in IKEA terms, but we do make a difference for a lot of the people who work here.”

Martina started off as a cleaner at the IKEA warehouse in Älmhult. “Young as I was, I knew that at IKEA, if you showed interest and worked hard, opportunities would open up,” she recalls.

During her time at IKEA, Martina has worked in different positions and at one point worked in second level support, but she didn’t get the same degree of job satisfaction. “I missed the contact with people and the urgency of the problem-solving you get at the helpdesk,” she says. “At first level support, you have to deal with the problems straight away.”

Martina is happier than ever in her current role as IT deputy functional help desk manager. This job requires her to be service-minded, show understanding of the IKEA business and provide IT services to IKEA employees. “I love what I do,” she enthuses, “I have reached a position where I really enjoy myself, working with so many diverse people of all nationalities.”

That’s not to say the pace of work has slowed down. “In IT, we are making a lot of changes to keep up with the technical developments of the last couple of years. Change is a good thing, it forces you to look at your work and evaluate it,” she says.

After 17 years with IKEA, Martina has no plans to move “I practically grew up with IKEA,” she says. “If you have been with IKEA for a long time you become part of the culture; it’s a way of thinking and a way of living.”

But most of all it’s the recognition of the individual that she appreciates. “All co-workers are involved in daily decisions which I think is important,” she pauses and thinks for a moment, “sometimes the decision-making process is time-consuming, but we really want everyone to be involved.”