Materials supply

Fredrik – Materials supply, Poland

Fredrik – Materials supply, Poland

Fredrik has been with IKEA for 9 years. “I was working in Älmhult as a taxi driver when I spotted an advert for a job with IKEA in Germany,” he says. Soon afterwards, he found himself in Germany working his way around the different areas of retail. “There are not many positions in retail that I haven’t tried!” he laughs.

Four and a half years later, Fredrik moved back to his home town of Älmhult and into support functions. “I worked in store support for a year and then in supply channels for outdoor furniture and green plants for a year and a half,” he explains.

But it is the challenge of living and working abroad which inspires Fredrik most. So, when he received a phone call with the offer of a position as solid wood business developer in Poland, he leapt at the chance. “I was very happy to receive the call,” he says, “it is always a challenge to move to another country and do something new.”

Fredrik has been in Poland for two years and currently works as a material area manager. The skills needed for this role include good leadership, strategic thinking, communication, and of course material knowledge itself. “I am gradually developing all these skills. Fortunately, I am surrounded by many interesting and knowledgeable people who are always eager to help.”

Happy with his life in Poland, Fredrik enthuses, “I can’t imagine working for another company now. I like the way IKEA thinks, the way we do business, the way we treat people. The whole vision of IKEA is fantastic.”

IKEA has certainly opened up many doors in the last 9 years and Fredrik has made a success of his opportunities. “My story really goes to show that you do not have to have been successful at school to achieve a good position at IKEA,” he concludes.