Store support

Store support

Each IKEA store needs to be properly staffed, safe for employees and customers to move around in, and of course it needs to pay its bills on time. Making sure these things happen is the job of store support - a single name for a very varied area!

1. Human resources

The brief of our human resources team is to be a business partner to all the other parts of the company. That means supporting other areas and functions around IKEA in reaching their goals by ensuring that we attract and recruit the right people. Human resources coworkers also help IKEA managers to train and develop their own co-workers, in making sure that we have enough people coming up to take care of IKEA’s future at least 2 – 3 years hence. We take care of employee compensation and benefits, end ensure that IKEA managers adhere to the local employment laws. Human resources also has a less tangible but nonetheless significant role to play - safeguarding and strengthening the IKEA culture.

2. Controlling and administration

Accounting support
The role of accounting support is to assist with accounting functions, making sure that all invoices are properly coded, entered into the system and paid on time. General knowledge of accounting practices and methods are needed to do this job properly, while service orientation and attention to detail are two key personal qualities.
Payroll support
We want IKEA to be regarded as the best retailer to work for! The payroll support co-worker helps us achieve this objective by making sure that all co-workers are compensated for their efforts promptly and properly. Paychecks must be processed and delivered by the appointed time, payroll files and paperwork must be maintained in order, including details such as holiday compensation, travel advances, insurance deductions, retirement savings and so forth. Service orientation and book keeping knowledge are needed for this position.
Store control
Store control co-workers work alongside the store management to help achieve financial goals and ensure profitability. Collaborating with peers, he or she must plan and implement short and long term strategies to improve operational efficiency and create a positive shopping experience. The job also involves preparing forecasts and setting financial goals. This is a highly specialised role, requiring proven leadership abilities, excellent communication skills, organisational skills and strategic, analytical and tactical abilities.

3. Maintenance and safety

The role of maintenance and safety is to make sure that IKEA is not only safe, but a clean and functional place for visitors and employees. Maintenance is carried out according to documentation and following a preventive maintenance plan. It also includes researching and implementing measures to lower energy consumption.

Meanwhile, safety teams work in all the store’s different areas to ensure that the external and IKEA’s internal rules and regulations are being followed. Additionally, safety teams are responsible for checking the conditions at our supplier companies.