Key goals of our sales co-workers are to have an attractive and efficient sales area and to give accurate information to customers. They need to interact in a friendly and helpful way at all times which generates a positive environment to stimulate sales. Sales co-workers mainly collaborate with interior designers and decorators, logistics and customer relations in order to make it easy for our customers to shop independently and serve themselves.

What do we look for in a sales co-worker?

The most important qualities are a cheerful and respectful disposition towards colleagues and customers plus an interest in selling actively. However, you need to be prepared to turn your hand to many diverse tasks. This role involves continual learning - every day, by listening to the needs and comments of customers and the input of your colleagues and managers, your know-how develops a bit more. When armed with a complete and thorough knowledge of the product range and our ways of working, you will be ready to take your own initiatives for improvements.

Examples of work areas in sales are:

Managing a part of the store
The department manager leads a sales area as if it were a small independent enterprise, while respecting the IKEA concept. This is a key role, requiring a complete knowledge of the range and positive leadership. Department managers develop a yearly action plan for their commercial activities, get to know the local market intimately and are experts at ensuring efficient cooperation between the sales team and other parts of the store. They must be efficient, enthusiastic and have plenty of common sense.
Sales co-worker
Sales co-workers are always on the move - between visitors, colleagues and goods as they arrive in the store. They cooperate with colleagues from other departments in making the product range irresistible and easy for customers to access. An important part of the job is to share knowledge with customers, give advice and respond politely. Sales people are also responsible for the cleanliness and correct presentation of our products, including price labelling. A pro-active nature, an extrovert personality and an eye for smart merchandising solutions are all advantages in sales.