Helping Families Forced to Flee

Whether it’s through participating in the Brighter Lives for Refugees campaign or donating directly to UNHCR – your contribution helps families forced to flee their homes come closer to their hope for a brighter life.
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Your purchase helps
Donate directly to UNHCR
 two boys walking in a regugee camp with rows of tents and shelters carrying jugs of water
You’re Making a Difference
So far, IKEA Customers’ participation in the Brighter Lives for Refugees campaign has enabled the IKEA Foundation to donate more than €18 million to improve living conditions for refugees across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.
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Bringing renewable energy to refugee camps
Personal stories
A regugee man holds his young son and as his wife sits beside him in a UNHCR shelter
Info graphic about the power of partnership
Power of partnership
The IKEA Foundation works to create better opportunities for children and families living in some of the world’s poorest communities, but when families are forced to flee their homes, they support UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency to make life in camps more humane and fund programmes that aim to prepare refugees for a better life when they leave a camp.
IKEA Foundation partners with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency
Refugee housing unit
Designing an alternative shelter for emergency relief and beyond – “Better Shelter” is a unique collaboration, which has resulted in a new, innovative, and more dignified temporary home for families who have had to leave their own home behind.
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Mattresses & bed linens
50,000 of each donated for UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency’s operation to help those displaced by the violence in Libya
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Sharing knowledge
When responding to disasters, every second counts – which is why IKEA Foundation began sharing IKEA coworkers’ knowledge on logistics, procurement, packaging and transportation with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, strengthening their ability to respond.
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Mattresses & bed linens
150,000 mattresses, quilts and bed linens donated to refugees at the Arbat camp in Iraq.
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€7.7 million raised in 1st Brighter Lives for Refugees campaign
Prototype testing
52 hand-made prototypes of the Better Shelter refugee housing unit tested in northern Iraq and Dollo Ado, Ethiopia. Refugees inform a final shelter design, to ensure it offers dignified and secure housing for the millions of vulnerable refugee families.
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€10.8 million raised in 2nd Brighter Lives for Refugees campaign
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Deployed shelters
Since testing began in 2014, a total of 2329 Better Shelter units have been shipped.
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€38 million
A grant, which aims to make refugees and heavily stretched host communities more resilient in Burkina Faso and Ethiopia by supporting self-reliance initiatives, improving basic services and fostering peaceful co-existence.
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Second language learning solution
IKEA Foundation and UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency team up to pursue an idea for an innovative model that could help refugees overcome language barriers that can reduce access to quality educational experiences.
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And beyond...
The 3rd Brighter Lives for Refugees campaign takes place 29 November – 19 December
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Beyond Brighter Lives for Refugees
Since January 2015, close to half a million refugees have entered Europe trying to create a better everyday life for them-selves and their children in Europe. This Brighter Lives for Refugees campaign is one of many things IKEA and IKEA Foundation do to help improve life of refugees. Currently, IKEA stores are doing in-kind donations of products to refugees in transit camps and host countries throughout Europe. Co-workers are also raising money and dedicating working hours through various professional organisations.
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IKEA co-workers visit Jordan refugee camp
Soft Toys for Education