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Food you can trust

Food you can trust

We offer good quality and value for money food with nothing to hide. In other words, food you can trust.

IKEA Food quality and environmental requirements

IKEA purchases fresh and packaged food for IKEA restaurants and Swedish Food Markets both centrally and locally. The centrally purchased range, bought from about 100 suppliers, is the same at IKEA stores worldwide. The local range is selected in each country. All IKEA food suppliers must comply with the IKEA code of conduct, IWAY. In addition, there is a special section with requirements for food product suppliers who work with IKEA.
Food safety

Food safety

We want our customers to feel confident that the food served and sold at IKEA is safe and of good quality. That is why our stores are subject for extensive program to make sure the food served and sold is safe.
UTZ Certified

UTZ Certified - Coffee produced with care for people and the environment

All coffee sold and served at IKEA is UTZ Certified. We want you to know that it was produced in a responsible and sustainable way. UTZ Certified is an independent not-for-profit organisation that sets the standard for responsible coffee growing and sourcing. All our coffee is traceable all the way back to the plantations. Want to learn more?
Sustainable agriculture

Organic - sustainable agriculture

We want to support and encourage organic farming by offering organic food to our customers. Organic means farming without chemical pesticides and fertilizers. It also means higher animal welfare standards. Today we have some 20 organic products in our Swedish Food Market range, such as jam, coffee, pasta and more. We also serve organic food in our restaurants.
Responsibly sourced herring

Responsibly sourced seafood

We are well aware of the depletion of many fish species in our oceans and committed not to purchase fish from endangered stocks. IKEA has also decided not to sell and serve fish and seafood red listed by IUCN and/or WWF. Want to know more?
Responsibly sourced salmon

The herring served and sold at IKEA comes from sustainable fisheries. This means that the herring comes from well balanced stocks where the fish is caught with consideration for the ocean life and methods that minimize by-catch.

IKEA participates in the Salmon Dialogue - a multi-stakeholder dialogue, initiated by WWF. The dialogue is developing a standard for sustainable salmon farming.
Natural ingredients

Natural ingredients

When we develop food at IKEA we try to minimise the use of synthetic additives such as certain preservatives. Therefore all IKEA Food branded products are free from monosodium glutamate (MSG) and AZO colours, which are suspected to have negative health impacts.
No trans fats

Free from trans fats

Trans fatty acids are used to make liquid fat harder in order to add crispness or hardness to a product. Industrially produced trans fats are suspected to have negative health impact. IKEA branded food products are all free from industrially produced trans fats.