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This is IKEA

A new, faster way to a better
life at home

We love thinking differently and coming up with new ideas that make our products, and your life, better. Like our revolutionary REGISSÖR furniture. REGISSÖR doesn't come with a big, heavy bag with lots of screws. Instead, the fittings that connect most of the parts are already in place. You just push the parts together. It's much simpler and quicker – in fact, the record for assembling the bookcase is about three and a half minutes!
We know that today people have less time and that it can be a struggle to get everything done. At IKEA, we will never stop innovating and using our unique design and development process to improve our products and help you have a better everyday life at home.
Watch this film and see our fastest, easiest-to-assemble furniture... so far.
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The dye IKEA use for the JOFRID textile series is made from natural and renewable materials.Learn more about how IKEA products are safe to use at home. Learn more about responsible wood sourcing at IKEA.
A good life at home starts on the roof
We have already installed around 750,000 solar panels on IKEA buildings. Now we have made the most sustainable energy source available to you too. The sun.
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Responsible wood sourcing
By 2020 our goal is that all wood will come from more sustainable sources – meaning either FSC-certified or recycled wood. We partner with WWF and FSC to transform the wood industry, making more certified wood available than we need.
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Safer Life at Home
Whenever we develop a new product, we take great care to make sure that we can keep the promise we give to our customers – that IKEA products are safe to use.
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