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Discover new products in our range
We at IKEA are proud of our products. The right combination of shape, function, quality, durability and low price are the five cornerstones of something we call democratic design. We offer home decor for all tastes. Below we have selected new favorites we think you will also like.

NewDELAKTIG2-seat sofa, Hillared anthracite
SR 3150

NewDELAKTIG3-seat sofa, Tallmyra white/black
SR 3950

NewDELAKTIG3-seat sofa, Hillared anthracite
SR 3845

NewDELAKTIG3-seat sofa, Hillared dark blue
SR 3775


Add a table and some light. Swap the backrests around, remove the armrest. Give it a new cover. With DELAKTIG, the open-source platform designed by IKEA and Tom Dixon, you get to do your thing.

NewDELAKTIGPlatform, armchair, Hillared anthracite
SR 1475

NewDELAKTIGPlatform, armchair, Tallmyra white/black
SR 1500

NewDELAKTIG3-seat platform, Hillared dark blue
SR 2400

Challenge the ordinary!

Combine different shapes and sizes, stack and combine, with or without legs, and let loose with a palette of playful colours. Have fun!

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NewLIXHULTStorage combination, dark blue grey/white, pink/red, 130x82 cm
SR 524

NewLIXHULTStorage combination, dark blue, 140x82 cm
SR 480

NewLIXHULTStorage combination, dark blue, red/orange, 70x117 cm
SR 324

NewLIXHULTStorage combination, grey dark green, pink, 60x92 cm
SR 275

NewIVARCabinet with doors, pine, white, 89x30x124 cm
SR 430

NewIVAR1 section/shelves/cabinet, pine whitem, 89x30x124 cm
SR 745

NewIVAR / SKÅDIS3 sections/cabinet/shelves, pine, white, 178x30x179 cm
SR 1187

NewIVARCabinet with doors, white, 80x83 cm
SR 345

NewVISTHUSChest of 8 drawers, grey, white, 122x96 cm
SR 830

NewSTOCKHOLMMirror, ash veneer
SR 425

NewVISTHUSWardrobe, grey, white, 122x59x216 cm
SR 1575

NewSOLGULWardrobe, white
SR 545

Practical as a room divider or screen. Easy to fold and store away.

Combine different shapes and sizes, stack and combine, with or without legs, and let loose with a palette of playful colours. Have fun!

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NewTYSSEDALRoom divider, white
SR 495

NewTYSSEDALStorage stool, white
SR 360

NewVIGGJATray stand, white
SR 99

NewMATREDALWatch stand, white
SR 59

NewBROGRUND5-spray handshower, chrome-plated
SR 59

NewVALLAMOSSESingle-spray handshower, chrome-plated
SR 45

NewVOXNAN5-spray handshower, chrome-plated
SR 69

NewKOLSJÖNShower hose, chrome-plated
SR 65

Everything you need for a great shower experience

IKEA thermostatic shower mixer sets have a 38°C safety button, “cold touch” anti-scald technology and a pressure compensating function that reduces water and energy-use by up to 30%. 10 year guarantee on the mixer and limited guarantee on other parts.

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NewBROGRUNDShower set with thermostatic mixer, chrome-plated
SR 950

NewBROGRUNDHead/handshower kit with diverter, chrome-plated
SR 600

NewBROGRUNDRiser rail with handshower kit, chrome-plated
SR 195

NewVALLAMOSSERiser rail with handshower kit, chrome-plated
SR 119

NewVOXNANHead/handshower kit with diverter, chrome-plated
SR 625

NewKATTEVIKCountertop wash-basin, white, 40 cm
SR 450

NewGODMORGONMirror cabinet with 2 doors, Kasjön light grey, 60x14x96 cm
SR 995

NewGODMORGONHigh cabinet, Kasjön light grey, 40x32x192 cm
SR 945

NewVOXNANWash-basin mixer tap, tall, chrome-plated
SR 300

NewHAMNSKÄRWash-basin mixer tap with strainer, brass
SR 450

A classic design that holds both hot and cold drinks.
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NewTOFTANToothbrush holder, white
SR 17

NewTOFTANSoap dispenser, white
SR 22

NewTOFTANWaste bin, white
SR 65

NewTOFTANToilet brush, white
SR 29

NewLAMPANTable lamp, blue
SR 25

NewKRUXLED wall lamp, white
SR 145

NewKRUXLED work lamp, yellow
SR 155

NewKRUXLED wall lamp, green
SR 145

The height is adjustable to suit your lighting needs.

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NewDELAKTIGLED floor lamp, black
SR 395

NewVÄXJÖPendant lamp, blue
SR 115

NewVÄXJÖPendant lamp, beige
SR 115

NewSJÖPENNAPendant lamp, oval
SR 95

Be ready for extra dinner guests

With EKEDALEN table that comes with a smooth hidden extension - combine with chairs in the same series for modern simplicity.

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NewEKEDALENExtendable table, dark brown
SR 995

NewEKEDALENExtendable table, white, 240x90 cm
SR 995

NewEKEDALENBench, dark brown, 105x36 cm
SR 345

NewYPPERLIGChair with armrests, Gunnared dark grey
SR 350

NewSKÄGGÖRTCushion, black, white
SR 25

NewVENDLACushion, pink/white
SR 25

NewJOHANNECushion cover, natural, black
SR 45

NewVENDLACushion cover, black/white
SR 19

The thick pile shimmers in a variety of shades and is wonderful to sink your toes into

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NewTORRILDRug, low pile, multicolour
SR 195

NewFOULUMRug, flatwoven, grey, white, 133x195 cm
SR 495

NewHÖJETRug, flatwoven, brown, 170x240 cm
SR 590

NewHÖJETRug, flatwoven, beige, 133x195 cm
SR 365

NewFOULUMRug, flatwoven, grey, black, 170x240 cm
SR 690

NewLASJÖNShower curtain, multicolour
SR 35

NewODDVEIGCurtains, 1 pair, white, multicolour, 145x300 cm
SR 145

NewVÅRKRAGEThrow, grey, 110x170 cm
SR 26

It´s always there for you.

Lovely throughout the home and easy to lift so you can rearrange your living space whenever you feel like it. Enjoy every moment with all your favourite things close at hand.

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NewBURVIKSide table, white
SR 149

NewGRANBODANest of tables, set of 3
SR 345

NewKLIPPANTwo-seat sofa, Sangis multicolour multicolour
SR 950

NewHÄLLANCabinet, white, 45x75 cm
SR 275

NewPOKALGlass, turquoise
SR 4

NewHEMMASTADDPaper napkin, multicolour
SR 6 /30 pack

A classic design that holds both hot and cold drinks.
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NewFÖRÄDLAServing stand, three tiers, white, brass
SR 75

NewHÖGMODIGCoffee maker, clear glass, stainless steel
SR 85

NewFÖRFRISKNINGJar with tap, 5.5 l
SR 85

NewSÖTVATTENDrinking straw, dark blue/white, pink/turquoise
SR 5 /100 pack

Interactive clocks

Take a look at our new clocks! Some have a built-in sound or touch sensor that lights up the time by the sound of clap or when touched.

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NewSTOLPAClock, yellow
SR 69

NewSTOLPAWall clock
SR 115

SR 65

NewVISCHANWall clock
SR 59

NewBOLLEBYGDDisplay box, 25x36x12 cm
SR 95

NewFEJKAArtificial potted plant, Fern palm, 17 cm
SR 65

NewTVILLINGPoster, set of 2, marks
SR 17

NewTVILLINGPoster, set of 2, perspective
SR 24

Designed to last, ready to change

You can build NORDLI chest of drawers any which way – wide, low or in different heights to create the perfect solution for your space. The clean modern look is easy to place.

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NewNORDLIChest of 3 drawers, anthracite
SR 725

NewNORDLIChest of 6 drawers, anthracite
SR 1225

NewNORDLIChest of 6 drawers, anthracite
SR 1150

NewNORDLIChest of 8 drawers, anthracite
SR 1525

NewMAMMUTChildren's chair, in/outdoor, pink
SR 59

NewMAMMUTChildren's chair, in/outdoor, blue
SR 59

Inspired by the shapes in cartoons, the MAMMUT series is fun furniture kids love
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NewMAMMUTChildren's stool, in/outdoor, yellow
SR 29

NewMAMMUTChildren's stool, in/outdoor, orange
SR 29

NewLATTJORug, low pile, multicolour, 133x140 cm
SR 125