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IKEA Malm bed frame

Looking for bedroom furniture with a simple, streamlined design? Welcome to our MALM bedroom series. It’s full of smart ideas, like under the bed storage and a chest of drawers that works as a bedside table, too.

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MALMBed frame, high, white, 90x200 cm Luröy
SR 525

MALMBed frame, high, black-brown, 140x200 cm Luröy
SR 675

MALMBed frame, high, brown stained ash veneer, Luröy, 160x200 cm, Luröy
SR 745

MALMBed frame, high, white, 180x200 cm Luröy
SR 795

VARV clamp spotlight is especially designed to fit on the headrest.

Add MALM storage boxes to your MALM bed.
Make the space under your bed work for you.

Find the right quilt cover for bed >

PRAKTTRYQuilt cover and 2 pillowcases, grey, 240x220/50x80 cm
SR 275

VÅRÄRTQuilt cover and 2 pillowcases, beige, 240x220/50x80 cm
SR 275

BLÅRIPSQuilt cover and 2 pillowcases, pink, 240x220/50x80 cm
SR 205

HAFSLOSprung mattress, firm, beige, 180x200 cm
SR 675

MALMChest of 2 drawers, white, 40x55 cm
SR 149

MALMChest of 3 drawers, light green, 80x78 cm
SR 249

MALMChest of 4 drawers, black-brown, 80x100 cm
SR 379

MALMChest of 6 drawers, brown stained ash veneer, 80x123 cm
SR 479

MALM series timeless design works just as
well in the bedroom as in the living room.

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SKUBB storage series puts you back in charge. divide and rule your clothes, shoes and accessories so you find everything fast.

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TVÄRSTable lamp, white
SR 12

KAJUTATable lamp, orange
SR 40

LOTSMirror, 30x30 cm, 4 pack
SR SR 30

NISSEDALMirror, black, 65x65 cm
SR 99

GRUAMirror, black, 45x55 cm
SR 75

HOVETMirror, aluminium, 78x196 cm
SR 475

This wardrobe combination is just as good looking on the outside as it is clever on the inside.

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PAXWardrobe, black-brown, Auli Ilseng
SR 2860


Craftsmanship made to last - that’s what our beloved HEMNES family is all about. It’s been adding traditional Scandinavian character to homes in every style for the past 20 years.

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HEMNESBed frame, white stain, Luröy, 90x200 cm
SR 825

HEMNESBed frame, black-brown, Luröy, 180x200 cm
SR 1190

HEMNESDay-bed frame with 3 drawers, white, 80x200 cm
SR 1350

HEMNESBedside table, white stain, 46x35 cm
SR 195

Find the right quilt cover for bed >

ALVINE KVISTQuilt cover and 2 pillowcases, 240x220/50x80 cm
SR 205

ROSENRIPSQuilt cover and 2 pillowcases, 240x220/50x80 cm
SR 275

RÖDBINKAQuilt cover and 2 pillowcases, 240x220/50x80 cm
SR 359

HEMNESChest of 2 drawers, white stain, 54x66 cm
SR 415

HEMNESChest of 3 drawers, yellow, 108x96 cm
SR 625

HEMNESChest of 6 drawers, black-brown, 108x131 cm
SR 945

HEMNESChest of 8 drawers, white, 160x96 cm
SR 975

ÅRSTIDTable lamp, nickel-plated, white
SR 59

ÅRSTIDTable lamp, brass, white
SR 59

ISFJORDENStanding mirror, white stain, 47x182 cm
SR 425

VIKERSUNDMirror, oval, white, 59x85 cm
SR 99

SONGEMirror, silver-colour, 91x130 cm
SR 525

HEMNESMirror, white, 74x165 cm
SR 379

PAXCorner wardrobe, white, Flisberget light beige , 160/188x236 cm
SR 3450

This corner wardrobe solution is just as good looking on the outside as it is clever on the inside.

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SONGESAND is a furniture series for the bedroom in a wonderfully classic design. It offers plenty of storage space through spacious wardrobes, clever storage tables, dressers and bed boxes.

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SONGESANDBed frame, brown, Luröy, 140x200 cm
SR 645

SONGESANDBedside table, brown, 42x40 cm
SR 175

SONGESANDChest of 3 drawers, brown
SR 495

SONGESANDWardrobe, brown, 120x60x191 cm
SR 895

EMMIE RUTAQuilt cover and 2 pillowcases, 240x220/50x80 cm
SR 245

EMMIE RUTAQuilt cover and 2 pillowcases, 240x220/50x80 cm
SR 245

HÄSTFIBLAQuilt cover and 2 pillowcases, 240x220/50x80 cm
SR 205

BRUNKRISSLAQuilt cover and 2 pillowcases, 240x220/50x80 cm
SR 119

SONGESANDBed storage box, set of 2, brown 200 cm
SR 250

SONGESANDChest of 4 drawers, brown, 82x104 cm
SR 595

SONGESANDChest of 6 drawers, brown, 82x126 cm
SR 695

SONGESANDChest of 6 drawers, brown, 161x81 cm
SR 845

EIDSÅMirror , 48x120 cm
SR 75

KARMSUNDTable mirror, black, 80x74 cm
SR 179

KARMSUNDStanding mirror, black, 40x167 cm
SR 199

EKNEMirror, oval, 70x150 cm
SR 225

Indulge your taste for the traditional with TYSSEDAL bedroom furniture. It’s the little details, like rounded edges and a soft striped pattern on interiors, that create a traditional feel.

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TYSSEDALBed frame, white, Luröy, 180x200 cm
SR 1925

TYSSEDALBedside table, white, 51x40 cm
SR 340

TYSSEDALChest of 4 drawers, white, 87x76 cm
SR 895

TYSSEDALChest of 6 drawers, white, 127x81 cm
SR 1295

TYSSEDALStorage bench, white
SR 445

STENÖRTQuilt cover and 2 pillowcases, flower
SR 375

VALLÖBYRug, low pile, beige, 133x195 cm
SR 235

HAFSLOSprung mattress, firm, beige, 180x200 cm
SR 675

ÅRSTIDWall lamp, nickel-plated, white
SR 65

ÅRSTIDWall lamp, brass, white
SR 65

TYSSEDALStorage stool, white
SR 360

TYSSEDALRoom divider, white
SR 495

PAXWardrobe, white Tyssedal, Tyssedal glass, 300x60x236 cm
SR 5135

This wardrobe combination is just as good looking on the outside as it is clever on the inside.

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Finding enough storage for all your things can be a challenge. Our BRIMNES furniture series is full of smart ideas to help, like four big drawers under the bed. Or shelves hiding inside the headboard and behind the mirror.

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BRIMNESBed frame w storage and headboard, Luröy, 160x200 cm
SR 1450

BRIMNESBedside table, white, 39x41 cm
SR 180

BRIMNESChest of 3 drawers, dark green-blue, frosted glass
SR 310

BRIMNESChest of 4 drawers, white, frosted glass,78x124 cm
SR 360

TRÄDASTERQuilt cover and 2 pillowcases, orange, 240x220/50x80 cm
SR 49

SJÖPENNATable lamp
SR 69

BRIMNESWardrobe with 3 doors, white, 117x190 cm
SR 599

HAMARVIKSprung mattress, firm, dark beige, 160x200 cm
SR 825

FÅVANGMirror, 15x23 cm, 6 pack
SR 29

SKÅBUMirror, 30x140 cm
SR 49

IKORNNESTable mirror, ash, 27x40 cm
SR 125

KNAPPERStanding mirror, white
SR 145

You can easily adapt this ready-made PAX/KOMPLEMENT combination to suit your needs

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PAXWardrobe, white, Bergsbo frosted glass , 200x60x236 cm
SR 3255

Our TRYSIL furniture series has a modern look with clean lines that calm things down. Along with a matching bed, you’ll find everything you need for creating an organised bedroom oasis, including a wardrobe with sliding doors.

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TRYSILBed frame, white, Luröy, 160x200 cm
SR 785

TRYSILBedside table, white, light grey, 45x40 cm
SR 150

TRYSILChest of 4 drawers, white, light grey, 60x99 cm
SR 345

TRYSILWardrobe w sliding doors/4 drawers, white, 118x61x202 cm
SR 795