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LUSTIGT is all about play for the sake of playing, children and adults alike. It’s a collection with something for all; colouring sheets, a puzzle, a skipping rope, a weaving loom, boules with soft balls and much more. Let’s get absorbed in fun and games and lose ourselves in play.
Limited edition collection – launching October 2018
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Smiling girl with red hair covering two SJÄLVSTÄNDIG trays.
From cotton cushions with gold piping, to figurine patterned rugs, the FÖREMÅL Limited Edition Collection will add an artistic touch to your home décor. Welcome to the world of Per B Sundberg!
Limited Edition Collection
PRETTY. UGLY. LOVELY... Welcome to FÖREMÅL, a limited edition collection made in collaboration with artist Per B Sundberg. From velvet cushions to shiny poodle candle holders, all of the pieces are different and crafted with perfection.
Sales start September 2018
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FÖREMÅL collection thumbnail images PH152274 PH152275 PH152276 PH152277 PH152278 PH152279 PH152280 PH152281 PH152282 PH152283 PH152284 PH152285 PH152286 PH152287 PH152288 PH152289 PH152290 PH152291 PH152292 PH152293 PH152294 PH152295 PH152296 PH152297 PH152298 PH152299 PH152300 PH152301 PH152302 PH152303 PH152304 PH152305 PH152861 PH152862 PH152863 PH152864 PH152865
Older woman standing with her jewellery collection surrounded by pieces of the SAMMANHANG collection.
Launching August, 2018 the SAMMANHANG collection is all about placing your favourite items into context. Created in collaboration with seven different designers, the inspiration for the collection is drawn from still lifes, grocery stores and collectors themselves, amongst others. From smaller containers, such as display boxes and trays, to larger pieces of furniture, SAMMANHANG celebrates your personal style of collecting.
Release August 2018
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SAMMANHANG collection thumbnail images PH152518 PH152519 PH152538 PH152543 PH153859 PH153860 PH153861 PH153862 PH153864 PH153872 PH153873 PH153874 PH153875 PH153886 PH154007 PH153863 PH153865 PH153866 PH153867 PH153868 PH153869 PH153870 PH153871 PH153887 PH153889
New at IKEA, the LYSKRAFT collection, a series of KLIPPAN sofas, POÄNG armchairs and more hacked by Dutch designer-duo Scholten & Baijings.
Inspired by people’s creativity and the flourishing DIY trend, we teamed up with Dutch designer-duo Scholten & Baijings to “hack” some of the most classic IKEA furniture. Known for their trend-sensitivity and meticulous attention to detail, they’ve created a series of products and accessories to bring new life to your home, including a brand new set of covers and colours for the popular KLIPPAN and POÄNG.
Limited edition collection – launching in August 2018
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LYSKRAFT thumbnails of all pictures PH155320 PH155321 PH155308 PH155318 PH155319 PH155310 PH155309 PH155306 PH155305 PH155304 PH155311 PH155312 PH155314 PH155315 PH155316 PH155413 PH155307 PH155302 PH155322 PH155317 PH155313 PH155303
Add a touch of retro to your home with GRATULERA, the vintage collection celebrating seventy-five years of IKEA design.
Meet GRATULERA, the limited edition vintage collection celebrating 75 years of IKEA design. Do you remember the first KLIPPAN sofa, or what about the colourfully red BJURÅN chair? It’s time to go retro with hand-selected favourites from the 50-60’s, 70-80’s and the 90-00’s. Launching at three different dates, the GRATULERA editions bring back some of your (and our) fondest memories of IKEA.
Release August, October and December 2018
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alt PH153804 PH153804 PH153805 PH153806 PH153810 PH153802 PH153803 PH153807 PH153801 PH153808 PH153809 PH153747 PH153738 PH153739 PH153740.jpg PH153742.jpg PH153741 PH153743 PH153744 PH153745 PH153746.jpg PH153749 PH153750 PH153751 PH153737 PH153752 PH153754 PH153753 PH153755 PH153757 PH153758 PH153748 PH153759 PH153760 PH153762 PH153763 PH153817 PH153812 PH153811 PH153813 PH153814 PH153815 PH153816
New at IKEA, the INDUSTRIELL collection includes a shelving unit, and armchair, pendant lamps, chairs, table, benches and vases in light, natural colours.
MAY 2018
IKEA has teamed up with LA-based fashion designer Chris Stamp, and freelance designer Maja Ganszyniec for a limited edition collection: SPÄNST. Inspired by street fashion and an active lifestyle, SPÄNST features furniture, accessories and items for storing, displaying and organising some of your favourites at home.
Limited edition collection, launching in May 2018
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 PH149826 PH149825 PH149841 PH149848 PH149849 PH149814 PH149815 PH149820 PH149821 PH149822 PH149823 PH149827 PH149839 PH149809 PH149812 PH149811 PH149824 PH149813 PH149850 PH149842 PH150128 PH150130 PH150126 PH150129 PH150127 PH150125
In April, IKEA launches natural materials, earthy colours, a new storage system, a sectional sofa and speakers for furnishing with music!
April 2018
New products - April
This month we’re introducing products that make more room for nature through natural materials, earthy colours and ethnic patterns. New bedroom furniture in solid birch and mattresses made of organic materials make for a healthier sleeping environment. Another big piece of news is a modular storage system that optimises the space throughout the home, while the living room welcomes a new sectional sofa, pouffes and a tray table. For the kitchen, there’s an open wall storage system, worktop and tap. Children can delight in two new textile collections that pay tribute to the endangered species of the world. Of course, there are also the softer items for the home, and small decoration pieces that help set the tone. Just like our new speakers that furnish with sound. Enjoy!
Sales start April 2018
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Em abril, a IKEA lança materiais naturais, cores terra, um novo sistema de arrumação, um sofá com secções e colunas, para decorar com música! PH149739 PH149410 PH149415 PH149420 PH149409 PH149407 PH149492 PH149499 PH149687 PH149422 PH149413 PH149425 PH149412 PH149417 PH149678 PH149679 PH149449 PH149458 PH149450 PH149496 PH149468 PH149474 PH149497 PH149685 PH149484 PH149464 PH149489 PH149494 PH149688 PH149689 PH149426 PH149423 PH149683 PH149684 PH149738 PH149740 PH149416 PH149421 PH149669 PH149671 PH149495 PH149503 PH149493 PH149487 PH149486 PH149485 PH149452 PH149444 PH149691 PH149457 PH149460 PH149467 PH149471 PH149456 PH149476 PH149470 PH149674 PH149673 PH149676 PH149675 PH149445 PH149447 PH149418 PH149424 PH149408 PH149483 PH149463 PH149481 PH149479 PH149480 PH149451 PH149488 PH149744 PH149742 PH149747 PH149743 PH149745 PH149746
New at IKEA, the INDUSTRIELL collection includes a shelving unit, and armchair, pendant lamps, chairs, table, benches and vases in light, natural colours.
APRIL 2018
Perfectly imperfect
Created in collaboration with acclaimed Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek, the INDUSTRIELL collection is our way of turning mass-produced uniformity into products that have a beautifully imperfect handmade quality that you can see, touch and feel.
Release April 2018
Read more about the INDUSTRIELL collectionDownload all pictures (60MB .zip)
INDUSTRIELL collection thumbnail images part 1. PH150050 PH150059 PH150056 PH150057 PH150058 PH150043 PH150044 PH150041 PH150045 PH150047 PH150040 PH150030 PH150005 PH150007 PH150001 PH150003 PH150051 PH150042 PH150048 PH150049 PH150038 PH150035 PH150036 PH150037 PH150031 PH150032 PH150033 PH150028 PH150029 PH150017 PH150018 PH150019 PH150009 PH149998 PH149999 PH150015 PH150039 PH150014 PH149996 PH149995 PH149993 PH150004 PH150010 PH150002 PH150006 PH150008 PH149994 PH150000 PH150016 PH150011 PH150012 PH150013 PH150020 PH149997 PH150022 PH150023 PH150024 PH150025 PH150026 PH150027 PH150021 PH150034
The HJÄRTELIG collection lets you create a relaxing bedroom that caters to all your senses.
APRIL 2018
For when it’s time to press PAUSE
IKEA has developed a new limited edition collection to help you take a break from your hyper-connected, complicated life. Made from natural materials, the HJÄRTELIG collection includes everything you need to create a personal refuge - a soothing, sensual space to indulge your body and free your mind. There’s even a yoga mat and blocks.
Release April 2018
Link to HJÄRTELIG collectionDownload all pictures (21.6MB .zip)
The HJÄRTELIG collection lets you create a relaxing bedroom that caters to all your senses. PH149899 PH149911 PH149914 PH149912 PH149898 PH149898 PH149896 PH149897 Maja Andreas PH149925 PH149927 PH149924 PH149923 PH149926 PH149916 PH149895 PH149915 PH149922 PH149921 PH149917 PH149918 PH149920 PH149919