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The IKEA world is constantly changing – new products, projects, campaigns and inspiring innovations in the home furnishing world.

As a company, we are always looking for new and better ways to do things, making sure that our impact in the environment and people is always as positive as possible. This section of the website was created to keep you updated in all these themes.

But, there are things that don’t change, such as the way we work – available in This is IKEA section – “our” Democratic Design or the working environment - see Working at IKEA section. If you need any more information and pictures, please, write us to the contacts you can find here. We will try to help you in the fastest way possible.

Thank you for your visit…and we hope to see you in our stores!
IKEA Portugal Corporate Communications Team
IKEA VIMLE is a sectional sofa designed to grow and change to follow to your needs and desires.
APRIL 2017
Welcome to VIMLE - APRIL
VIMLE is our new family of timeless, everyday-friendly sofas. It’s designed to be designed by you. And as your life and needs change, so can VIMLE. Just replace or add a section to create the sofa you want.The VIMLE family includes sections for seating or lounging somewhere in between. Each section is generous in size and offers lots of comfort for everyday life. And there’s more to VIMLE than meets the eye. The footstool and chaise longue also offers storage solutions to save space or keep an extra cushion or blanket close at hand. Covers are available in a wide range colours, all removable and water washable.
Sales start April 2017
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 IKEA VIMLE green sofa PH143399 PH143400 PH143401 PH143402 PH143403 PH143406 PH143407 PH143409 PH143410
MARCH 2017
JASSA is a colourful, eclectic collection of furnishings and accesories with South East Asian flair. It’s the result of a collaboration of five creative minds, and each of them has put their stamp on it - from curvy natural-fibre furniture to lovingly hand-woven baskets to vibrantly coloured textiles.
With a carefree, bohemian feel, the JASSA collection captures the warmth and spontenaity of summer. In fact it’s guaranteed to raise the temperature a few degrees in any home, all year round!
Available for a limited period only.
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A woman with henna tattoos on her hands, carrying colourful cushions with batik inspired patterns, on her head.
 PH140284 PH140307 PH140281 PH140811 PH140799 PH140808 PH140798 PH140802 PH140801 PH140804 PH140796 PH140807 PH140812 PH140279 PH140257 PH140259 PH140250 PH140276 PH140249 PH140260 PH140248 PH140261 PH140278 PH140246 PH140253 PH140242 PH140245 PH140262 PH140247 PH140280 PH140263 PH140243 PH140255 PH140244 PH140252 PH140283 PH140277
Independent. Unconventional. Living life without compromise. The products in the IKEA PS 2017 collection are the keys to freedom for a generation that lives by its own rules.
So who better to appreciate a folding sofa that can hang on a wall, or a pillow that becomes a quilt, or a self-watering pot that helps keep unattended plants alive for two weeks?
Come and LIVE IT with us!
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 PH139202 PH139214 PH139215 PH139216 PH139231 PH139232 PH139604 PH139217 PH139218 PH139605 PH139606 PH139609 PH139227 PH139607 PH139608 PH139610 PH139611 PH139612 PH139613 PH139614 PH139616 PH139619 PH139621 PH139622 PH139623 PH139203 PH139219 PH139247 PH139615 PH139624 PH139213 PH139220 PH139221 PH139222 PH139223 PH139228 PH139864 PH139204 PH139205 PH139206 PH139207 PH139208 PH139210 PH139229 PH139230 PH139239 PH139240 PH139241 PH139242 PH139243 PH139244 PH139245 PH139617 PH139618 PH139211 PH139212 PH139225 PH139226 PH139233 PH139234 PH139235 PH139236 PH139237 PH139238 PH139771 PH139730 PH139729 PH139728 PH139727 PH139726 PH139725 PH139715 PH139722 PH139716 PH139723 PH139720 PH139721 PH139718 PH139719 PH139717 PH139724 PH139742 PH139749 PH139748 PH139747 PH139746 PH139745 PH139744 PH139743 PH139741 PH139740 PH139739 PH139738 PH139737 PH139736 PH139735 PH139734
SPRIDD limited edition collection
With music and mobility as starting points, fashion designer Kit Neale and IKEA have created SPRIDD – a print-based collection of tents, bags, storage boxes and cushion covers (plus lots of other funtastic pieces) for everyone who’s on the move.
Sales start February 2017
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 PH139889 PH139752 PH139675 PH139674 PH139668 PH139880 PH140076 PH139892 PH138191 PH139853 PH139852 PH139854 PH139866 PH139878 PH139882 PH139883 PH139881 PH139884 PH139885 PH139886 PH139887 PH139865 PH139867 PH139868 PH139870 PH139869 PH139871 PH139872 PH139874 PH139873 PH139875 PH139876 PH139877
A photo studio with different posters hanging from the ceiling.
A no-rules holiday living room
This November, the IKEA IDEAS LAB releases an idea that encourages everyone to do the holidays their way. In the idea, freelance interior stylist Saša Antić shows how he would decorate his loft living room for the holidays. The results are full of festive, laid-back charm with hints of the holidays while skipping the fuss and stress of expectations.
Release November 2016
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A NO-RULES HOLIDAY LIVING ROOM PH139977 PH139990 PH139987 PH139986 PH139985 PH139993 PH139992 PH139989 PH139994 PH139980 PH139981 PH139983 PH139991 PH139976 PH139978 PH139982 PH139979
WINTER collection
IKEA has everything this holiday season, all under one roof. Embracing the traditions, colours and warmth of the holidays. Ranging from decoration to lighting, textiles, dinnerware, cooking and eating. It’s the season to be merry. So just relax, and let IKEA help you make it the best one ever.
Sales start October 2016
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 PH138112 PH138114 PH138136 PH138115 PH138116 PH138162 PH138120 PH138111 PH138117 PH138118 PH138119 PH138121 PH138157 PH138158 PH138122 PH138123 PH138124 PH138170 PH138125 PH138126 PH138127 PH138128 PH138135 PH138137 PH138138 PH138140 PH138141 PH138159 PH138161 PH138130 PH138142 PH138143 PH138144 PH138145 PH138146 PH138131 PH138147 PH138148 PH138149 PH138150 PH138151 PH138152 PH138153 PH138133 PH138134 PH138154 PH138155 PH138156
SÄLLSKAP limited edition collection
SÄLLSKAP is a celebration of the Scandinavian arts and crafts tradition and of the groundbreaking ideas that first acknowledged the greatness of homes with room for all. It’s a collection of furniture, textiles and kitchenware that brings inspiration from the past into the present in the best way we could think of – by moving things forward.
Sales start October 2016
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 PH137457 PH137885 PH137886 PH137887 PH137462 PH137890 PH137892 PH137463 PH137889 PH137464 PH137896 PH137902 PH137908 PH137879 PH137465 PH137888 PH137878 PH137905 PH137615 PH137614 PH137613 PH137630 PH137876 PH137877 PH137629 PH137623 PH137612 PH137624 PH137611 PH137610 PH137620 PH137621 PH137974 PH137976 PH137973 PH137975 PH137972 PH137979 PH137978 PH137977
New products - OCTOBER
For October we’re excited to bring you a range of new products to make the home a more beautiful, fun and comfortable place to be. This month, children can delight in a large and colourful collection and series that support unlimited play and storage. The rest of the home sees a range of textiles from rugs to metre fabrics. Another piece of news is a swivel chair that combines beauty with ergonomics. For cooking and eating, there are timeless cooking utensils and a dinnerware series with old folkloric patterns. We’re also launching a new range of organic coffees, and small packages of nut and fruit mixes for healthier snacking. Enjoy!
Sales start October 2016
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 PH138656 PH138607 PH138540 PH138539 PH138583 PH138547 PH138581 PH138584 PH138587 PH138570 PH138595 PH138596 PH138590 PH138591 PH138624 PH138623 PH138571 PH138618 PH138675 PH138576 PH138679 PH138680 PH138620 PH138621 PH138644 PH138672 PH138574 PH138673 PH138677 PH138625 PH138629 PH138643 PH138640 PH138645 PH138650 PH138653 PH138639 PH138638 PH138637 PH138634 PH138635 PH138628 PH138627 PH138573 PH138664 PH138651 PH138658 PH138660 PH138666 PH138669 PH138671 PH138667 PH138579 PH138655 PH138655 PH138662 PH139171 PH139168 PH139166 PH139165 PH138580 PH138684 PH139170 PH138686 PH138578 PH138683 PH138601 PH138566 PH138599 PH138602 PH138568 PH138687 PH138605 PH138611 PH138614 PH138613 PH138615 PH138606 PH138616
POÄNG 40 years of comfort and style
The iconic POÄNG armchair is turning 40 in 2016. The clean Scandinavian look. The springy, bentwood frame shaped for comfort and support. It’s one of our most beloved items. So to mark the anniversary, IKEA is adding a frame and six new covers to the series.
Come celebrate 40 years with us in September
Download all pictures (
 PH136769 PH136770 PH136812 PH136813 PH136814 PH136771 PH136772 PH136815 PH137058 PH136816 PH136822 PH136823 PH136824 PH136826 PH136830 PH136828 PH136829 PH136827 PH136827 PH137049 PH137061 PH137052 PH137050 PH137053 PH137051 PH137055 PH137056 PH137057 PH137058 PH137059 PH137060 PH137227
SVÄRTAN collection
With patterns inspired from urban landscapes, the SVÄRTAN collection invites us to explore a side of India that goes beyond the vivid colours usually associated with this striking country. Created in collaboration with Swedish textile designer Martin Bergström and Indian fashion students, SVÄRTAN consists of bed linen, textiles, paper items, rugs, bowls, glassware and metal objects. The result is a collection that offers both versatility and uniqueness to one’s home.
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 PH135596 Karin Gustavsson Creative Leader IKEA PH135608 PH135611 PH135610 PH135824 PH136118 PH135829 PH135830 PH135825 PH135826 PH135822 PH135828 PH135827 PH135604 PH132036 PH135607 PH135617 PH135859 PE575674 PH135599 PH135598 PH135613 PH135857 PH135616 PH135858 PH135606 PH135603 PH135609 PH135614 PH131965 PH135618 PH135831 PH135605 PH135823 PH135860 PH135615 PH131966 PH135602 PH135601 PH135600 PH135597 PH131972 PH135612 PH135856
Awarded a Red Dot Design Award in the category “Best of the Best” for its groundbreaking design, let us introduce SLADDA bicycle with accessories. The bike has a rust- and oil-free belt drive, automatic gears and a clever click-in system for accessories such as front and back racks, and a bike bag that can be transformed into a backpack. There is also a practical SLADDA trailer developed to solve heavy transportation needs, as well as helmets, a U-lock and pump. This is truly a complete system that supports living a sustainable and healthy life in the city.
Sales start August 2016
Download all pictures (
 PH138221 PH138027 PH138028 PH138218 PH138058 PH138057 PH138059 PH138229 PH138274 PH138223 PH138224 PH138225 PH138226 PH138227 PH138236 PH138235 PH138237 PH138243 PH138251 PH138254 PH138249 PH138253 PH138256 PH138255 PH138258 PH138259 PH138261 PH138260 PH138263 PH138265 PH138267 PH138270 PH138273 PH136480 PH136524 PH136571 PH136563 PH136562 PH136541
JUNE 2016
GLÖDANDE limited edition collection
Imagine a universe of creatures whose only dream is to make the world a better place. This is GLÖDANDE, a limited edition collection developed in a collaboration between IKEA and fashion designer Walter Van Beirendonck. His energetic and quirky imagination spreads across the collection like magic dust, mixing colour, patterns and prints in unpredictable ways.
Sales start June 2016
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A display of playful and colourful products, such as boxes, cushions, fabrics and tableware.
# PH133410 PH133417 PH134121 PH133408 PH134120 PH133411 PH133418 PH133407 PH134188 PH134187 PH133420 PH134117 PH133487 PH134118 PH134122 PH133416 PH133458
A small shared kids’ room with a loft bed, an extendable bed, adjustable desks and lots of storage
JUNE 2016
Square Metre Challenge – Shared kids’ room
With more people living in small spaces, kids today are sharing even smaller bedrooms. We challenged ourselves to make a super small shared kids’ room—and squeezed it down to 6.7 square metres. To do it, we made smart, safe solutions using age-based planning, personal spaces and adaptable furniture. Check out how the fun (and functional) room creates space for two kids to be alone and play together. It’s the final installment of our four-part Square Metre Challenge series that explores the possibilities in small spaces.
Release June 2016
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Thumbnails PH136927 PH136961 PH136925 PH136926 PH136929 PH136936 PH136932 PH136930 PH136962 PH136934 PH136965 PH136933 PH136935 PH136966 Square metre challenge shared kids’ room GIF
A kitchen with a wall of closed storage and multiple work areas
MAY 2016
Square Metre Challenge – Kitchen
A fully functional, clutter-free kitchen in 6.5 square metres? It’s possible. We met the challenge by designing a room with maximised storage and versatile solutions. It’s part three of our new series of films and solutions that addresses the reality of more and more people living in small spaces. Check out how we maxed out a modern, calm kitchen with room for a couple to cook together and move around freely. Small space limitations? Nope. We’re all about the possibilities.
Release May 2016
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Square Metre Challenge kitchen press kit PH136014 PH136008 PH136010 PH136021 PH136023 PH136019 PH136018 PH136025 PH136024 PH136029 PH136020 PH136022 PH136012 PH136011 PH136016 PH136006 Square_meter_challenge_kitchen_GIF
 A small living and dining room with modular sofas, gateleg tables and a storage wall
APRIL 2016
Square Metre Challenge – Living room
We’re obsessed with seeing the possibilities of small spaces. So we challenged ourselves to create the smallest living/dining room possible—for a parent with three kids—without sacrificing function and comfort. It’s the second part of our new series of films and solutions that addresses the reality of more and more people living in small spaces. Check out how we planned for flow, so the room can transform based on the family’s changing needs and activities.
Release April 2016
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WEB IDEAS SMALL SPACE L4 PH134814 PH134834 PH134805 PH134811 PH134816 PH134831 PH134830 PH134961 PH134815 PH134833 PH134832 PH134812 Square_meter_challenge_GIF
MARCH 2016
Square metre challenge –
This is the first part of a new series of films and solutions that addresses the reality of more and more people living in small spaces. In each episode, we challenged ourselves to create the smallest rooms possible without sacrificing function and comfort. We’re obsessed with seeing the possibilities—not the limitations—of small spaces. First episode is about a bedroom for a couple in a rental flat.
Release March 2016
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WEB IDEAS SMALL SPACE L4 PH133963 PH134182 PH133682 PH133679 PH133681 PH133680 PH133653 PH134186 PH133675 PH133676 PH133673