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The HJÄRTELIG collection offers you bedding, seating and decoration in muted tones and nautural materials.
When it’s time to press PAUSE for a while
Take a break from your connected, complicated life for a while with HJÄRTELIG. Made from natural materials, the HJÄRTELIG collection will help you create a soothing, sensual space – your own personal refuge, where you can relax, reflect and recharge. The perfect place to open your chakras…or a pizza box.
Whatever you need.
The HJÄRTELIG collection includes a yoga mat and yoga blocks
Indulge your body.
Free your mind.
HJÄRTELIG will help you sit comfortably, sleep well and create a calm, peaceful atmosphere. It will also help you get your yoga on, and to bring a touch more nature to your personal space. So now you can combine your downward facing dog with your upward facing plants.
The HJÄRTELIG collection includes scented and unscented candles
Create a serene place to sit and chill out with HJÄRTELIG
April 2018