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Kitchen planning service

If you think it’s time to make your dream kitchen become a reality, we can arrange for one of our specialists to plan it together with you. This way, you know how to optimise your space for a kitchen that suits your style and everyday needs.

How to book
You can book your kitchen planning here.

For more information, talk to one of our co-workers at your local IKEA store or contact us for details.

The base rate for our kitchen planning service is 39€, and to IKEA Family members is 29€.

The cost is total refunded when buying your new kitchen.

Pictogram of a man and a pencil
• Verify if all the cabinets can be assembled and installed as planned.
• Verify if the electrical/gas appliances can be installed as planned.
• Verify if all the connections and plugs are placed in the right spot and if they are working properly. (gas, electricity, hot/cold water, sewer pipe and ventilation tube)
• Verify that there are no IKEA produts to install