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Local Efforts

We believe in enabling social change

local efforts
At IKEA, we believe in enabling social change. We do this by working in
partnership with social entrepreneurs, people who use innovation
to tackle social problems and use business as a means to create
both global and local changes.
local efforts : education | ENVIRONMENT | RECYCLING
WWF eco-school programme
WWF ECO-Schools Programme
Giving back to the community
through education
The eco-schools programme in conjunction with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is an international initiative which recognises schools that strive to make environmental sustainability an integral part of school life. It guides schools on their sustainability journey by providing a simple framework for them to adopt and rewards those that are successful with the prestigious Green Flag.
Recycling vending machine in eco-school and visit to IKEA
local efforts : EDUCATION | environment | RECYCLING
Engaging school children and raising awareness among co-workers
As a brand rooted in sustainability, IKEA Malaysia engages in strategic collaborations with local partners that champion the effort in community development, educational enrichment and environmental conservation, amongst others.
One of a recent collaboration was with the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS), through the Nature Classroom series and Nature Discovery initiative, both carried out at the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM), Kepong, Selangor.
In December 2015, a total of 45 of co-workers from IKEA Damansara, IKEA Cheras and IKANO Power Centre (IPC) took part in the Nature Discovery initiative.
During the session, the co-workers re-connected with nature as they walked through the tropical rainforest while being briefed by the MNS Coordinators on the species of flora and fauna that are indigenous to Malaysia and the importance of protecting these natural treasures. Afterwards, the co-workers planted several tree saplings which symbolized planting hope for a greener future.
Nature classroomPlanting tree
Prior to that, throughout the year of 2015, a total of 160 children from 4 schools, alongside 20 IKEA co-workers were engaged in several sessions of the Nature Classroom series.
The exposure to nature was fascinating for the urban school children as the jungle walk focused on environmental learning and their experience were enhanced through the discovery of interesting facts about the species of trees, animals and insects. The children also had fun playing with dry leaves and paint during the arts and craft workshop at the MNS Nature Education Centre, FRIM.
Upcoming sustainability engagements are in the pipeline and IKEA Malaysia hopes that through such effort, we would be empowered to assist in affecting necessary changes toward making the world a better place.
Planting tree
local efforts : EDUCATION | ENVIRONMENT | recycling
recycling efforts
Reducing our carbon footprint
Here at IKEA, we take waste management seriously. We believe that waste, when properly managed, can be our greatest resource. One example is our continued effort in light bulb recycling as well as battery recycling.