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Dive into life at home and explore IKEA Highlights 2017.
IKEA Highlights 2017
Check out this year’s top stories from around the IKEA world. IKEA Highlights is about people, life at home, design and innovation. This is where we celebrate the very best of 2017.
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Read about how IKEA is promoting water efficiency.
Promoting water efficiency
The IKEA Group is committed to being water positive – using water as efficiently as possible in our operations, and promoting good water stewardship throughout and beyond our business. We are all responsible for making sure that freshwater is properly looked after because it is something that we all share and need.
Save water and energy with the new IKEA showers VOXNAN, BROGRUND and VALLAMOSSE.
Water and energy saving showers
In February 2018, three new showers - VOXNAN, BROGRUND and VALLAMOSSE - will be launched. They all save up to 30% water and energy. This is achieved by having a flow regulator, which reduces the water flow.
A new series of 100% organic rapeseed oils will be launched in February 2018, IKEA SMAKRIK.
Organic farming: Rapeseed oils
SMAKRIK is a new addition to our organic IKEA food range. The new series of 100% organic rapeseed oils will be launched in February 2018. The Swedish farmers that contribute to SMAKRIK oils follow strict ecological guidelines. No synthetic pesticides or fertilisers are sprayed on the fields – much to the joy of bees and other insects that gladly help with pollination in return. Besides preserving biodiversity, organic farming helps to maintain soil health too.
We’re ranked number one in the world on more sustainable cotton.
We’re leading the way on more sustainable cotton!
Great news! For the second year, IKEA has received the highest score for sustainability performance in the latest Sustainable Cotton Report - of 75 multinational companies evaluated.
“This ranking shows that we are well on our way, even if we all have to do more to transform the cotton and textile industry”, says Lena Pripp-Kovac, Sustainability Manager at IKEA Range and Supply.
A more sustainable life at home
We have loads of affordable products and solutions to help you live a more sustainable life at home. They may seem like small things – LED bulbs, recycling waste baskets, food storage containers and the like – but that’s the beauty of small actions: they all add up!
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