Andrew James, Singapore

"I had always wanted a good change in my career and IKEA - a company that develops people, is one such premium employer that I hope to become a part of."

Andrew James, Singapore
Growing within the company

I had always wanted a good change in my career and IKEA - a company that develops people, is one such premium employer that I am glad to be a part of.

In 2000, I started as a Customer Service Officer with Service Operations. Through the unique IKEA values and culture, I was able to grow in my area of work and the learning journey was really fascinating. Carpentry, furnishing, trouble shooting, home visits and much, much more, become part of me.

I became a Supervisor a year later in 2001. New challenges such as managing and leading the Exchange & Returns, Back Office, Merchandise Pick-Up and Carpentry sections followed. To me, these new experiences broaden my perspective and prepared me for further new challenges ahead.

In 2006, I took a bigger step and applied to be an Assistant Manager in Service Operations, Customers Service. With this, came bigger responsibilities - training, roster, man-hours, planning, working with contractors. It really has been a continuing learning process for me.

Four years later, in 2010, I decided to take an even bolder step in my career by moving laterally. Since joining IKEA, I have always been in Services Operations. Hence, I decided to move on and join the Sales Department as a Shopkeeper. So here, I am, currently managing the IKEA Business and Workspaces.

What I love about the Job and IKEA: In my 10 years, IKEA has proven to be a wonderful place to work in and grow with. It allows the individual, the opportunity to grow and develop at his/her own pace. The culture, the openness and simplicity was an eye opener and makes the individual, not just a co-worker but a member of the family. IKEA has, in my honest opinion, good leaders and with this great tool, it gives inspiration to anyone wanting to create a career for him/herself.

Andrew James
Shopkeeper, IKEA Business and Workspaces
IKEA Alexndra, Singapore



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